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AMFMX - Firestik Am/Fm Antenna

4', Black,
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One of the best ways to improve AM/FM reception is to increase the surface area of the antenna. Firestik AM/FM antennas have much more wire in them than the standard whip antenna that comes with most vehicles. This gives them up to 80% more surface area to capture radio signals, translating into much better AM/FM reception for you!

Installing this antenna will require more than simply replacing the whip antenna on your vehicle. Firestik AM/FM antennas are made to use the same 3/8" x 24 threaded mounts that Firestik CB Antennas use. This means you need to install a new mount, running coax, and using an adapter to connect the coax to your AM/FM radio. The increase in performance more than makes up for the extra work. Coax Not Included- We recommend the 108MMPL.

  • Increased "Capture Area" for Better Reception
  • Many Times the Surface Area Approximately 300'
  • Good Bandwidth for those Fringe Areas
  • 100 % American Made with American Materials
  • Custom Blended Fiberglass for Ruggedness and Flexibility
  • 3/8" X 24 Threaded Base
  • Available in 3 or 4' Black Only

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Wow ! What can I say about this product. I'm building a cargo trailer conversion into a camper. I have the trailer in my garage and finally got the radios mounted and playing. Where I live is in a valley over a mountain pass, both of my vehicles I drive have horrible reception once I get into the valley. I lose my favorite FM station and can't get it at my house with either vehicle. Well, I turned on the radio in my trailer and tuned it to my favorite FM station, it comes in loud and clear ! Not only am I in the valley but my trailer is in the garage as well. Well worth the $16 for this beast of reception, it may be big for a AM / FM antenna but it works !
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