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VSSERIES - Astron VS Series 12 Volt Power Supply

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Astron Variable 12 Volt Power Supplies are solid American made heavy duty 12 Volt power supplies. Astron VS-M Variable power supplies are available in multiple models to suit your individual power requirements. The VS-M series power supplies are specifically manufactured for use indoors. The VS-M series power supplies are high quality electronic gear intended for the hobbyist or professional and are appropriate for powering any 12 Volt electronic product.

The Astron variable 12 Volt power supply is popular for converting 115 VAC to 12VDC for powering CB radios, Ham radios, car stereos, Cellular phones, and many other portable electronics. Several distinguishing features of the Astron VS-M power supplies are the separate Volt and Amp meters, adjustable voltage range of 2-15 volts, and adjustable current limit range from 1.5 amps to full load capacity.

Be sure to select your Astron VS-M 12 volt power supply based upon your maximum intended workload.

Astron VS-M series quick comparison chart courtesy of Astron Corporation:

MODEL   Continuous Duty (Amps)   ICS*(AMPS) Size (IN) Shipping WT. (lbs.)
  @13.8VDC @10VDC @5VDC @13.8V    
VS-12M 9 5 2 12 4 ½ x 8 x 9 13
VS-20M 16 9 4 20 5 x 9 x 10 ½ 20
VS-35M 25 15 7 35 5 x 11 x 11 29
VS-50M 37 22 10 50 6 x 13 ¾ x 11 46
VS-70M 57 34 16 70 6 x 13 ¾ x 12 1/8 48

*ICS Intermittent Communication Service (50% Duty Cycle 5 min. on/5 min. off)

Following the manufacturer recommendations for power load/draw are an excellent way to ensure safe and reliable function for any power supply. As always your mileage will vary depending upon the demands that you chose to place on your Astron VS-M.

Astron power supplies are available with industry recognized approvals including: UL, CUL, CE, TUV. Powering a generation of mobile radio enthusiasts Astron variable 12 volt supplies are demanded by the best!

Product features

  • VS-M Series Variable Regulated Power Supplies
  • Separate Volt and Amp Meters - Output Voltage from 12-15 Volts- Current Limit Adjustable from 1.5 Amp to Full Load
  • Solid State Electronically Regulated
  • Fold-Back Current Limiting- Protects Power Supply from Excessive Current & Continuous Shorted Output
  • Ripple Less than 5 mV Peak to Peak Full Load and Low Line
  • Maintain Regulation & Low Ripple at Low Line Input Voltage
  • Three Conductor Power Cord
  • Heavy duty heat sink with chassis mount fuse
  • One Year Warranty - Made in USA

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