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AU480 - Accessories Unlimited 4' Tunable CB Antenna

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This Accessories Unlimited 4 foot tunable tip CB antenna offers performance comparable to FireStik FS and Wilson brand fiberglass antennas. The four foot fiberglass core of the AU480 is wound with copper wire and encased in a protective plastic layer. AU480 antennas feature a special weather trap in the winding which allows for better NOAA weather reception (the AU480 is a weather band ready antenna).

The chrome plated 3/8" x 24 ferrule on the AU480 antenna is resistant to weathering and is compatible with a wide variety of standard antenna mounts. For use as a single or co-phase dual antenna the AU480 is value packed for keeping in touch while on the go.

Top loaded fiberglass antennas provide durable and reliable usage and the AU480 offers these features in spades. Trucks and off road drivers really appreciate the durability that fiberglass antennas provide. The flex without breaking property of the Accessories Unlimited AU480 can't really be stressed enough until that first low hanging limb is clipped while enjoying the drive.

A tuneable tip allows easy in the field SWR adjustments by non-technicians and makes achieving your radios full performance a painless proposition.

The AU480 is currently only available in black color. The amazing performance and value afforded with this four foot tunable CB antenna more than makes up for limited options being available.

The Accessories Unlimited AU480 antenna is compatible with any CB radio. Compatible frequencies include 26.96500 ' 27.40500 MHz CB radio, Single side band CB, AM/FM, NOAA Weather/alert frequencies 162.400' 162.550 MHz (a radio capable of receiving weather broadcasts is required for NOAA reception)

The AU480 antenna is compatible with any mounting solution that accepts 3/8" x 24 ferrules and can support a 4 foot fiberglass antenna

A heavy duty antenna spring is recommended for reliable performance with the AU480 CB antenna. The AUSS3H is a heavy duty stainless steel spring that performs well with the AU480 antenna. CB World's guide to choosing an antenna spring has the information you need to make the correct spring selection for your CB installation.

Coaxial cable is the antenna component that is most often left for last when choosing quality parts to make a complete and high performance CB radio setup. Be sure to use high quality RG58 or RG59 cable that installs well and delivers exceptional reception with your CB radio.

Tuning your Antenna
Tuning your CB antenna for standing wave radio gives you the best performance possible for your radio as well as protecting your CB radio's circuitry from overloading. Learn all about performance-tuning your radio install from CB World's help center.

Power handling
750 watt rating

Product Features

  • 4 foot tunable tip
  • 5/16 inch fiberglass whip
  • .100 diameter 17-7 stainless steel tuning tip
  • top loaded à ‚ ¼ wave helically wound antenna with weather trap
  • 20 gauge copper wire
  • chrome plated 3/8 x 24 ferrule
  • factory tuned, field adjustable
  • rated up to 750 watts of power

made in the U.S.A.

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