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AUT400-W - 4' 1000 Watt White Heavy Duty CB Antenna

4', White,
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Accessories Unlimited - 4 Foot 1,000 Watt White Heavy Duty 3/8' X 24" Tune-Able Tip Cb Antenna With Cap

Accessories Unlimited heavy duty Fiberglass 1,000 watt CB Antenna with tunable tip. A hidden gem of fiberglass CB radio antennas. The Accessories Unlimited tunable tip is big on performance, and priced to be so affordable you can own several! This Fiberglass antenna is wound by a cord with copper wire terminates in an industry standard 3/8" x 24 threaded ferrule that easily attaches to all CB antenna stud mounts. The tunable tip is extremely user friendly, which makes setting the SWR on the AUT antenna a breeze!


The Accessories Unlimited AUT, covers all CB radio frequencies, SSB CB frequencies, and NOAA weather and alert bands. The AUT antenna offers compatibility with any CB radio on today's market!


This antenna is compatible with any vehicle or base installation that has an adequate ground plane. Click here for more information on ground plane. All pickup trucks, semis (tractor-trailers), vans and most passenger cars fit the bill.

This antenna has a 3/8' x 24 threaded base that is compatible with all Accessories Unlimited mounts and accessories as well as most other manufacturers mounting solutions.


This antenna is available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 foot lengths and have black or white color options. The AUT is a no-nonsense antenna solution for any mobile radio operator!


Springs are an optional accessory for Accessories Unlimited antennas. We recommend one in most cases. That can protect your antenna if you hit a low hanging branch or garage entrance. A medium spring like the SS3M is recommended for 2-3 foot AUT antennas. A heavy spring like the SS3H is recommended for 4-5 antennas.


The industry recommendation is for an 18 foot coax with Accessories Unlimited antennas. This will help you achieve a lower SWR when tuning the antenna. Always remember to wind any extra coax in a wide figure 8, not a tight coil.

Tune your Antenna

All CB radio antennas need to be tuned. The tunable tip of the Accessories Unlimited antenna makes the process of tuning much simpler. We have more information in our guide to tuning your CB antenna.

CB Antenna Features

  • High Performance Coil Design
  • Available in 2', 3', 4', and 5' lengths
  • Black or White colors available
  • Rugged Solid Fiberglass Core
  • High Power Handling 1000 Watt rating
  • 27 MHz CB radio frequency approved
  • N.O.A.A. Weather Compatible
  • Cap included

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Accessories Unlimited
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