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BearTracker885T - Uniden Full Featured 40 Channel CB Radio with Digital Scanner (Peaked and Tuned)

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Peaked & Tuned by CB World's Expert Technicians- Read more about our service here.

The BearTracker 885 does what no other CB radio can do: it can keep you up-to-date with current public safety activity anywhere in the US and Canada* by scanning for police, fire, ambulance, and/or DOT radio traffic. No need to worry about changing scanner programming as you drive. The included GPS allows the BearTracker 885 to automatically select nearby channels from its nationwide database without you having to lift a finger. Uniden updates that database every week, so if something changes where you are (or where you are going to be), simply load the latest using the included BearTracker Update Manager. The database includes all known* analog and digital channels, so all you have to do is drive and listen.

BearTracker Warning System alerts you whenever there is nearby public safety radio traffic. The BearTracker 885 does this by checking the low-power signal produced by the radio in the public safety vehicle, so if you get an alert, you know that there is activity within only a couple of miles from you. Best of all, this feature is legal to use even in commercial interstate commerce vehicles.**

And, of course, the BearTracker 885 is a full-featured CB Radio, too. It has 40-channel CB operation, 4-Watt RF power, a 7-color display, a SWR meter for precision antenna tuning, RF Gain, Mic Gain, PA mode, Talkback, and NOAA Weather with Alert. The ergonomic noise-cancelling microphone is designed to enhance your transmissions, even in the noisy environment of a tractor-trailer cab.

  • Full-Featured 40-Channel CB Radio Peaked and Tuned
  • Digital Trunktracking Scanner: Receive police, fire, ambulance, and DOT dispatch transmissions wherever you are in the US and Canada*
  • BearTracker Warning System: Legal alternative to Radar Detectors. Alerts you when nearby public safety transmissions are detected.
  • GPS Included: Allows the BearTracker 885 to automatically select nearby scanner channels to monitor.
  • Nationwide Scanner Database: Includes all known police/fire/ambulance/DOT channels in use in the USA and Canada*
  • Weekly Updates: Free updates keep the scanner database current so if an agency changes channels, you won't be left behind.
  • Simple, distraction free operation: No need to program or select scanner channels.
  • 7-Color LCD Display
  • Weather Alert
  • PA Function
  • Wireless Mic Compatible
  • 6 Pin Microphone - Do you want to upgrade your microphone to a 4 pin Astatic mic? The C4PDF6 adapter will let you do this!
  • Digital and Analog Police/Fire/Ambulance/DOT scanner
  • Scan system types include conventional analog, Motorola, LTR, EDACS, APCO P25 Phase I and Phase II
  • Includes VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz Glass Mount Suction Cup Scanner Antenna
    • CB : 26.965 ~ 27.405 MHz SCN: 25 ~ 960 MHz WX : 162.400 - 162.550 MHz
  • Quick avoid for unwanted channels
  • Individually select types of channels to receive
  • BearTracker Warning System
  • SWR Meter
  • Antenna System Check
  • CB/Scan priority audio selection
  • Mic and RF Gain
  • 3 Amp Fuse in power cord

7.28" W x 2.2" H x 8.1" D
(without knobs and jacks)
(185 mm W x 56 mm H x 205 mm D)

The coax for the CB antenna will connect to the back of the unit via a standard PL259 connection. The coax for a scanner antenna will connect to the back of the unit via a separate BNC connection.

For a NMO mounted scanner antenna, check out the BMAXSCAN1000, the MSM17 coax with soldered PL259, and the AR3 to adapt the PL259 to a BNC connection. Check out the AR3 adapter to widen your coax options.

Wanting to convert it to 24 Volt?   Check out the SDC5.

Want to use this radio for a base station? You will need a power supply PS9

* Cannot receive encrypted or some proprietary types of digital systems
** Some states restrict the use of scanners in vehicles. Please check your local state laws for any restrictions.


Calibrate Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) for the BEARTRACKER885:

Check and calibrate the SWR to ensure your antenna system is properly tuned.

1. Connect the antenna.

2. Turn Channel Selector to set the channel to channel 1.

3. Press the S/RF/CAL/SWR button to set to CAL. Press and hold the PTT button and rotate the control knob until the bar meter aligns with CAL.

4. Press the S/RF/CAL/SWR button to set to SWR. Transmit and note the SWR reading.

5. Repeat step 2-4 on channel 40.

6. Your goal is to have the SWR readings on channel 1 and 40 to be about the same number and under 2 (ideally).  If channel 40 SWR is higher than channel 1 SWR, shorten the antenna system.  If channel 40 SWR is lower than channel 1 SWR, lengthen the antenna system until you achieve the best SWR readings. 

If any adjustments are needed, they should be made in small increments. Re-check after each adjustment. Be sure to have all components on the antenna when testing, including the tip/cap if there is one.

If you have already optimized your current antenna setup (similar readings on Channel 1 and 40) and you still want to improve your SWR readings, you can try a different antenna, a different mounting location, or, if you are setting up a dual antenna system, try utilizing only one of the antennas instead of both. Sometimes, you will get better performance from using one antenna instead of two.

Helpful links to our Help Center:

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Beartracker885 Owner's Manual (BearTracker885om.pdf, 1,286 Kb) [Download]