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BBXX - "Bubba Bracket" Tall Radio Mounting Bracket

Kalibur, Kalibur
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The Bubba Bracket is an extra tall CB radio mount designed to allow your radio to be mounted at an extreme angle, or even facing straight up. This is ideal for mounting your radio on the floor of your vehicle. Each bracket has one mounting hole on each side for attaching the radio (except the BB148, it has two) and four holes on the bottom for securing the bracket to the mounting surface. This bracket does not include side knobs. You will need to purchase them separately if you need them. We have 4 sizes for the Bubba Bracket to fit a wide variety of radios. We have suggested radios for each model below, but as long as your radio is about the same size as the bracket, it will work! Be sure to check the width and the height if you are mounting the radio facing up. Leave enough clearance for the coax connecting to the back of your radio.


This bracket measures 7" X 6.7" X 1.5". It fits Cobra® 25 series and Uniden PC66 and 68 series radios.


This bracket measures 7.6" X 7.3" X 1.5". It fits Cobra® 29 series, Uniden PC76 and 78 series, and larger Midland radios.


This bracket measures 8 ¼" X 8" X 1 ½". It fits Cobra® 148, Uniden Grant and most all 10 meter Ham radios like Galaxy, Ranger, Superstare, Magnum.


This bracket measures 6.5" X 4.75" X 1". It fits PRO510XL, PRO520XL, PRO505XL, 19DXII and other smaller Cobra, Uniden, and Midland radios.


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