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Antenna Mounts Sorted By Type at CB World


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Welcome to CB World's Antenna Mounts Sorted by Type! You will find hood/fender antenna mounts, roof antenna mounts, magnetic antenna mounts, stake hole antenna mounts, side antenna mounts, antenna mirror mounts, trunk lip antenna mounts, flat surface antenna mounts, and more!

$77.43 $61.94
W5000RM-B - Wilson Antenna Roof Mount And Coax

$162.50 $130.00
W5000RT-B - Wilson 5000 Watt Roof Top Mount W/ 62-1/2" Whip Antenna (Black)
In stock

$110.33 $88.26
W500MAG-B - Wilson 500 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna
In stock

$21.34 $17.07
WTP4 - Firestik Widget Tilt Plate Antenna Mount with K4 Stud
In stock