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COVID-19 Notice 

We want to assure our valuable customers that we are doing our part to limit the spread of this disease by following guidelines regarding handwashing, regularly cleaning and disinfecting our facility and equipment, and asking employees to stay home if they are feeling sick or having symptoms.  What will never change is our commitment to ALWAYS providing excellent customer service.  Our business is open and we are shipping orders.  Please understand that there may be possible delays in delivery/transit times due to carrier restrictions.  Customers are having concerns as to whether or not packages are safe to receive and handle- The WHO and CDC have stated that the likelihood of catching the COVID-19 virus by touching cardboard or other shipping container is low.  We hope this information helps!

From all of us here, we wish you the very best. 

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Welcome to CB World's Online Catalog!

We have thousands of products for you to choose from.

We hope you find everything you hope for! If not, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (541) 928-1952 or email us at We will do our very best to help you.

CXPX - CB Microphone Adapter
In stock

MCXXX - Magnum Motocomm Motorcycle Headset

MK748X - Firestik Trunk Lip Antenna Mount Kit
In stock

RSSERIES - Astron RS Series 12 Volt Power Supply

SFXX - Procomm 3' Flexible CB Antenna (White)

Weight-G: 0.7, Fiberglass
STTX - Everhardt Super Tiger Full Wave Cb Antenna
In stock

Jeep Summer Jam Special

CBWKIT - CB World Exclusive Antenna Kit with CB Antenna, Mirror Mount, and Coax - Get $15.00 Off Your Order if Purchased with a Radio!
In stock

CBWKIT2 - CB World Exclusive Dual Antenna Kit with 2 CB Antennas, 2 Mirror Mounts, and Dual Coax - Get $15.00 Off Your Order if Purchased with a Radio!

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EASYC, Height-1: 3, Length-1: 9, Weight-G: 0.5, Width-1: 7, EASYC
KSP8BRKT - Replacement Bracket for KSP8 Speaker

$0.19 $0.15
Misc, Height-1: 2, Length-1: 6, 791489320054, Weight-G: 0.15, Width-1: 4, Misc
CABLE CLAMP - 3/16 Nylon Cable Clamp For RG58 Coax
In stock

$0.31 $0.25
MACDO, Height-1: 2, Length-1: 6, Weight-G: 0.1, Width-1: 4, MACDO
Z103M - 10/32 Hex Machine Screw Nut
In stock

$0.38 $0.30
Uniden, Height-1: 5, Length-1: 5, Weight-G: 0.7, Width-1: 2, Uniden
SSCW343006B - Uniden Screw (M3X6Bni)

$0.56 $0.45
Marmat, Height-1: 5, Length-1: 5, Weight-G: 0.1, Width-1: 5, Marmat
CCBIM2 - Marmat 16-14 Gauge Ins Male Disconnect
In stock

$0.56 $0.45
Marmat, Height-1: 5, Length-1: 5, Weight-G: 0.1, Width-1: 5, Marmat
CCRIM2 - Marmat 22-16 Gauge Ins Male Disconnect
In stock

$0.63 $0.50
Marmat, Height-1: 2, Length-1: 6, 741835009829, Weight-G: 0.1, Width-1: 4, Marmat
F59X - Marmat Crimp F Connector
In stock