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Product Recommendations - Antenna Springs

What are Antenna Springs?

An antenna spring is a metal coil that is typically installed between the mount and the antenna itself. Springs are added to antennas to provide stress relief to both the antenna and the antenna mount in wind and in situations when obstacles such as tree limbs are likely to be struck by the antenna. Springs are also sometimes added to an antenna to add length for SWR improvement.

When Should a Spring Be Used?

A spring is beneficial for most antennas, provided you are using a good, conductive spring of the correct size for your antenna. You should definitely add a spring if there is a chance your antenna will strike limbs or other obstacles, or when you need to add length to an antenna for SWR improvement.

Which Spring Should be Used?

When adding a antenna spring, it is important to using the correct spring, and a spring that is conductive. Any spring specifically sold for CB antennas will be conductive. They often have a wire running through the center of the spring to make sure of this.

The size of the spring is important as well. The weight of the spring should match the length and weight of the antenna. Most of springs will have something in the description like "supports Firestik antennas up to 5 feet in length" to let you know what they can handle. Usually the spring will fall into one of 4 categories:

  • Light duty - These are small springs that will usually only support 2 foot or light 3 foot antennas (such as Firestik Firefly CB antennas)
  • Medium duty - These are mid-sized springs that will support up to 3 foot antennas
  • Heavy duty - These are heavier springs that will support up to 5 foot antennas
  • Barrel springs - These springs have a distinctive bulge in the center. They will support very large antennas like the 102" steel whips

You don't want to use a light duty spring on a large antenna. It will sag and do more harm to the antenna and mount than good. Likewise, you shouldn't have a heavy spring on a smaller antenna. The spring will not flex enough to save the antenna if you hit something.

Lastly, when choosing a spring you want to make sure the threads match both your antenna and your mount.

Important Considerations

  • When you add a spring to your CB antenna, you change the SWR characteristics. You will need to tune your antenna again.
  • If you experience transmission or SWR problems after installing a spring, it is possible the spring is not conductive. Take the spring back out and see if the problem goes away. If it does, don't use that spring. If it's one you bought from us, let us know and we will replace or refund it.
  • Make sure the size and threads of your spring match the size and threads of your antenna.