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Microphone Wiring

We created this page to help people understand that not all microphones are wired the same way. For example, just because two different microphones are 4 pin does not mean that they are wired the same, even if they are the same brand! Different manufacturers may wire their microphones differently. Generally, a radio manufacturer will wire their microphones the same so that the microphones are interchangeable between their radios, however, this is not always the case.

For example, Cobra 4 Pin radios are wired 1) Shield 2) Audio 3) Transmit 4) Receive while Midland 4 Pin radios are wired 1) Audio 2) Shield 3) Receive 4) Transmit. There are some radio brands that have the same general wiring (such as Cobra and Uniden) but that is not always the case.

The list below offers some microphone wiring information. Mic wiring can be frustrating enough, but when you can't find the right wiring info, it is just impossible. We will continue to try to get all the information that we can listed on this page.

Radio Mic Wiring Diagram

CB Microphone Wiring (Galaxy)

The chart and image above are correct for these models:

(Extra NOTE: The popular Astatic 636L-DX1X is compatible with these)

Galaxy CB Radios

  • DX919
  • DX929
  • DX939
  • DX949
  • DX959
  • DX979
  • DX44V
  • DX55V
  • DX66V
  • DX77V

Cobra CB Radios

  • 19 DX IV
  • 148 GTL
  • 18 WX ST II
  • 19 DX IV Camo
  • 25 LTD
  • 25 LX
  • 25 NW LTD
  • 25 WX NW ST
  • 29 LTD Chrome
  • 29 LTD Classic
  • 29 LTD DE
  • 29 LX
  • 29 LX Camo
  • 29 NW LTD
  • 29 WX NW ST

Uniden CB Radios

  • PC68LTW
  • PC68XL
  • PC78LTW
  • PC78XL
  • PRO505XL
  • PRO510XL
  • PRO520XL

Midland CB Radios

  • 1001LWX
  • 5001
  • 9001Z

Wiring for the C29 LX MAX and the C29LTDBT:

  • 1) Ground
  • 2) Audio
  • 3) Transmit
  • 4) Receive
  • 5) BT Button
  • 6) BT Microphone


Pin-End Views

Cobra 4 Pin Mic Wiring Diagram
Cobra 4 Pin


TX = White, MOD = Red, REC = Blue, Shield/Common = Braid/Black

Midland 4 Pin Microphone Wiring Diagram
Midland 4 Pin
TX = ?, MOD = ?, REC = ?, Shield/Common = ?
Cobra 5 Pin Microphone Wiring Diagram
Cobra 5 Pin


TX = White, MOD = Red, REC = Blue, Shield = Braid, Common = Black


Wiring Color Codes for Astatic 6 Wire Microphones:

  • White - Audio
  • Shield - Ground
  • Blue - Common for Switching
  • Red - Push to Talk (Transmit)
  • Black - Receive
  • Yellow - Receive Ground (not normally used)

NEW information - 6/26/18

6 Pin President Microphone DNC520 Microphone Wiring:

1. Modulation
2. RX
3. TX (Up/Down)
5. Ground
6. Power Supply

DNC520 Microphone Wiring Diagram

Having troubles with your microphone?

  • Make sure the connections are tightened.
  • Ensure that the microphone pins on the radio are making a connection with the microphone plug.  If need be, you can very gently spread the pins with a small flathead screwdriver.
  • Make sure your CB mic is plugged in securely. Check for breaks or damage to the plug and cord. Check the pins in the radio for damage as well.
  • Be sure you are pressing the CB microphone button all the way in.
  • If it is a power mic or echo mic, make sure there is a battery in it!
  • Visit our Troubleshooting Radios Article for other helpful information.


Hello C.B. World, looking for a Microphone for a Wagner 309 Mobile C.B The mic is a four pic and wired 1 ground 2 TX 3 RX 4 Audio. Thanks in advance!
Just got my HG-M84W working!
Pin 1 is TX
Pin2 is Audio out (the transformer boosts the volume of the dynamic element)
Pin3 is GROUND
Pin4 is RX
I added a 0.22 microfarad in parralel vith the existing capacitor to boost the bass
1=green 2=white 3=ground 4=red
Just rewire the plug to fit your radio.
It sounds great. Not like the tin can sound of the electret mike Im replacing.
Only other thing im going to do is wire the white wire in the mic head direct after the capacitor. Because the switch is breaking the audio before the radio stops transmitting , it sends a click that I dont like. Even with this annoyance, I like it better than my modified HG M75 (another great mike) 73!
Hi I have a original RK56 350nc mic and need to know how to wire the element to the ptt switch and how do I ground the mic and what do I do with the white wire in the mic rebuild I bought from bob's
I have a Diesel 4-3 Noise Cancelling mic I want to wire for a 5 pin Uniden Washington. The mic wire colors are black, red, yellow, and shield. Help please. Thanks Dan
i need help!I have a syncron mb+5-s deskmic 4 pin i wish to connect to my emperor ts-5010 which is 5 pin,any help please?

CB World Comment: Thank you for the review! We apologize- we do not have any wiring information for these units.
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