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Base Station CB Equipment

What is a Base Station Radio System?

A base station is generally a radio system that is set up in a fixed location such as house or building.  Since a fixed location allows one to install a much taller antenna than an antenna on a vehicle, you can get significantly more potential range.  Remember, the longer the CB antenna, the more potential range that you will have.

The basic components for a Base Station CB System include a CB radio, power supply (if you are using a mobile CB radio instead of a base station CB radio), coax, and an antenna.  The article is designed to help provide you with recommendations and advice.  We hope it helps!

Base Station CB Radio

We have selected the Galaxy DX2547 first, as this is the only base station radio that we offer that will plug directly into your wall outlet.

You can choose to get a mobile CB radio, like the DX959B, but will require an additional power supply. The power supply is plugged into your wall outlet and your mobile CB radio will be connected to the power supply. This is generally cheaper than selecting the Galaxy DX2547 even though you would be purchasing two products (mobile CB radio and power supply) instead on one product, the DX2547. We have selected the DX959 and PS12 for this kit.   You will still need to select a base station antenna and coax for that option.

Keep in mind that, regardless of size, all CB radios have a power output of 4 watts as allowed by the FCC.

If you select a radio without a built-in SWR meter, you will need an external SWR meter (you can select one in the accessories tab) to tune your antenna. Tuning your antenna is VERY important. Find out more in our Help Center: How to Tune a CB Antenna

Here are some popular base station radio options:

  • Galaxy DX2547
    • Plugs directly into wall outlet- no additional power supply needed
    • Includes SSB (Single Side Band)
    • Larger radio with more features
    • DOES NOT REQUIRE  Additional Power Supply
  • Galaxy DX959B
    • Includes SSB
    • Fully Featured
    • REQUIRES Additional PS12 Power Supply  if used as Base Station
  • Uniden PRO520XL
    • Compact
    • Limited Features
    • Easy to use
    • Does not include SWR meter for antenna tuning- check out the AUSWR meter
    • REQUIRES PS8 Power Supply  if used as Base Station
  • Cobra® C29LTDFM
    • Full Featured
    • Great brand
    • Includes built-in SWR meter for antenna tuning
    • REQUIRES PS8 Power Supply  if used as Base Station

Base Station CB Antenna

We have several base station antennas to choose from. You will need to decide how long you want the antenna to be and how you will mount it. Keep in mind that the longer the antenna, the more range you will get.  For every one foot of CB antenna, you can typically expect 1-2 miles of ranger (depending on your surroundings).  Here are some of our base station antenna recommendations:

PROTON99 - 18 Foot Antenna

PATRIOT - 12 Foot Antenna

SATURN - 39 Inch Antenna

If you are looking for an indoor base station antenna, check out the IBA5.  Please note that this will not perform as well as an outdoor base station antenna.

Always remember to tune your CB antenna!

High Quality Coax

PP8XX - ProComm RG8X Coax Cable With PL259 At Each End (Select Length)

  • PP8X18 is 18 Feet Long
  • PP8X25 is 25 Feet Long
  • PP8X50 is 50 Feet Long
  • PP8X75 is 75 Feet Long
  • PP8X100 is 100 Feet Long

Be sure to properly store any excess coax in a figure 8 before tuning your antenna.  This is very important.

Optional (yet recommended)

A lightning arrestor, such as the A28 or AR10, helps to protect your expensive CB, Scanner, and amateur radio equipment from atmospheric static.

A28 - Twinpoint Lightning Arrestor

A fairly common base station setup might look like the following:

DX959B Radio with PS12 Power Supply

PATRIOT (12 foot) or PROTON99 (18 foot) Antenna

PP8XX Coax (select desired/needed length)

A28 Lightning Arrestor

As a more wallet friendly radio/power supply option, you might consider the PRO520XL radio with PS3 power supply.

In any CB antenna system, please be sure to properly store any excess coax in a figure 8, about one foot in length, and bound in the middle.  This is very important and should be done before antenna tuning.

We hope that helps!