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CB World's Peak & Tune Radio Service

We understand that you want the best that you can get out of your CB radio!  This is why we offer our Peak & Tune Service. 

We offer the service on almost all of the CB radios that you will find on our website.  If we do not offer the service on a particular radio, it is because we have determined that we would not be able to tune it or make the service worthwhile for our customers.  Please note that we do not offer this service on used radios or 10 meter radios.  We only offer the service for new radios that are purchased from our site.

You might be wondering whether or not you should select our Peak & Tune Service or not.  For those of you on the fence, it is hard to go wrong with choosing this service!  Our expert technicians are awesome and will do their best to make your radio sound as good as possible.  Here are some of tasks associated with the completion of our Peak & Tune Service: 

  • Radio tested
  • Modulation adjustment for maximum output without the distortion
  • Visual inspection of circuit board
  • If you select an upgraded microphone, we will peak and tune your radio with the upgraded microphone! 

The wattage may be increased or lowered depending on the radio since our goal is to make the radio sound as good as possible while maximizing the wattage output.

In most cases, a microphone upgrade to a noise cancelling microphone is recommended.  Check out the Astatic 636L microphones!

If availability shows "Not In Stock", please contact us

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Antenna tuning is completed upon the installation of the antenna and is completely separate from radio tuning.  You tune the antenna for its particular application (vehicle, building, etc.).