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Cellular or Cell Phone Antennas at CB World


Cellular Antennas:

Looking for a good cellular antenna? We have several different cellular antennas to choose from. We have magnetic cellular antennas, roof mount cellular antennas, on-glass cellular antennas, mirror mount cellular antennas, marine cellular antennas, trunk mount cellular antennas, clip on cellular antennas, and others.

$29.96 $23.97
Hustler, Height-1: 3, Length-1: 36, Weight-G: 1, Width-1: 4, Hustler
CMT800 - Hustler 5/8 Wave Black Cellular Magnetic Antenna W/ Tnc Connector
In stock

$53.65 $42.92
Procomm, Height-1: 3, Length-1: 36, 734139721221, Weight-G: 1, Width-1: 4, Procomm
CT400 - ProComm Dual Band Mirror Mount Cellular Antenna
In stock

$68.48 $54.78
Larson, Height-1: 1, Length-1: 11, Weight-G: 0.25, Width-1: 5, Larson
KGBK825 - Larsen Window Clip Cordless Cellular Antenna
In stock

$14.29 $11.43
Hustler, Height-1: 3, Length-1: 9, Weight-G: 0.08, Width-1: 7, Hustler
KM1 - Hustler Cell Phone Antenna w/ Fold Over Tnc Connector

$62.31 $49.85
Maxrad, Height-1: 8, Length-1: 0, Weight-G: 0.3, Width-1: 1, Maxrad
MLPVDB800/1900 - Maxrad Dual Band Cellular Antenna
In stock