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C29WXNWBT - Cobra® CB Radio With Weather, Nightwatch, and Bluetooth
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C29WXNWBT - Cobra® CB Radio With Weather, Nightwatch, and Bluetooth

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Cobra® 29 WX NW BT CB Radio with Bluetooth a member of the NightWatch professional series of radios. NightWatch technology illuminates the Cobra® 29's front panel for easy viewing of all the critical settings of the radio. NightWatch offers extremely user friendly operation at night and in low light conditions - there is no guessing as to the status or meter indications of a Cobra® radio with NightWatch technology. The built in SWR meter makes setting antenna system for optimum performance easy and convenient.

The Cobra® 29 WX NW BT features Cobra's patented SoundTracker for crisp clear audio during both transmit and receive. SoundTracker greatly enhances the Cobra® radio's communications automatically. Seven NOAA Weather channels with emergency weather alerts will keep you informed in the event of hazardous conditions anywhere in the United States 24-hours a day!

Bluetooth technology allows the Cobra® 29 WX NW BT CB to be used with hands-free headsets and seamlessly integrate your Smart phone for hands-free calls!

The Cobra® 29 WX NW BT CB is a full sized radio that is loaded with features that will please any mobile two-way radio user. The Dynamike boost is adjustable via front panel knob for those times when a little more modulation is required for you to get the word out over the air! ANL/NB are selectable for dramatically reduced background noise.

Since the Cobra® 29 is a full sized radio it can be effortlessly configured for use a base radio when connecting to a high quality 12 volt power supply.

The Cobra® 29 WX NW BT is a top performing Citizen's Band Radio, combining the classic Cobra® 29 with 21st century technology to provide safety and peace of mind to every driver! Get your ultimate CB radio from CB World!

Cobra® 29 WX NW BT Features

  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • 4 Watts of Power Output
  • 7 NOAA Weather Channels With Local Alert Warning 24 hours a day Nationwide
  • NightWatch, Variable Dimmer Technology
  • Patented SoundTracker technology
  • Standard 4 Pin Microphone Jack Mounted Up Front
  • Crisp Sounding Dynamic Microphone with a 9' Cord
  • Adjustable RF/Dyna-Mic Controls
  • Easy to Feel Tactile Controls So You Can Watch the Road and Not the Radio
  • Large Backlit Analog S/RF/SWR Meter
  • Switchable Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter
  • Instant Channel 9/19 Switch
  • Public Address System
  • External Speaker Jack on the Back
  • Two year warranty

What's included in the Box

  • Cobra® 29 WX NW BT CB Radio
  • Microphone
  • Mounting C Bracket and Thumb Screws
  • Microphone Bracket and Hardware
  • Detachable Power Cord- Do you need a replacement power cord? Check out the AUCB91.
  • Instruction Manual

Installation notes

  • Size: 2 1/4" H x 7 1/4" W x 8 5/8 D
  • This is a large sized radio. It is recommended for vehicles with a little extra space
  • The power cord for this radio is detachable for easy routing.
  • The 29WXNWBT includes a mounting bracket with 2 5mm thumb screws for mounting.

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