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PDC1 - Astatic Compact Swr & Power Meter

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COMPACT SWR/PWR METERAn SWR meter is an essential tool for installing a CB radio and antenna. It allows you to tune your antenna, which is adjusting the length of the antenna for optimum performance. This not only gives you the best range but it can also prevent damage to your radio.

To Calibrate and Check SWR:

1) Set radio on channel 1

2) Set meter to 10W FWD 

3) Set meter to SWR

4) Key microphone and turn dial until meter needle goes over to SET

5) Set meter to 100W REF

6) Record SWR reading

7) Repeat steps 2-6 on channel 40

Once you have your readings, you will make adjustments, as needed, based on those readings to optimize antenna performance and ensure that you won't possibly damage your radio.  Here are some links to our Help Center regarding tuning your antenna:

What is SWR?
High SWR Help
Tuning Your Antenna


PDC1 Manual (AST-PDC1.pdf, 105 Kb) [Download]

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