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Echo Mic


Echo Microphones:

Echo microphones, as the name would imply, produce an echo sound effect. They usually have a volume knob similar to a power mic (echo mics are also considered power mics). Some also have a dial to adjust the speed of the echo. Echo microphones also have a battery similar to a power microphone.

$16.25 $11.82
CBM6SBE - Marmat 5 Pin CB Mic 5 Microphone with Echo Power

$25.00 $20.00
DM452 - Twinpoint Superstar Power Echo CB Microphone (Select 4 Pin or 5 Pin Option)
In stock

$25.65 $20.52
DM452-5 - Twinpoint 5 Pin Echo/Power Microphone W/ Mil 10 Cord

$34.08 $25.69
DM1000 - Superstar Tornado Echo Microphone
In stock

$61.35 $49.08
DM5000 - Twinpoint/Workman Superstar Power Echo Tornado Microphone
In stock

$61.35 $49.08
DM5000-5 - Twinpoint 5 Pin Power/Tornado Echo Microphone

$66.98 $53.58
ECHOMIC - Power Microphone with Echo

$66.98 $49.86
ECHOMICD - Power Microphone with Echo 5 Pin Din for Cobra/Uniden
In stock

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EC2018TURBOA - Echo CB Microphone

$80.04 $64.03
EC2018XTREME-A - RF Limited Echo Power CB Microphone

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257XTREMEMIC - Magnum 257 Radio Echo Microphone

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EC2029A - Rf Limited Echo Microphone With Emergency Sounds