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NGP1 - Everhardt 4' NGP No Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit (White)

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The Everhardt NGP1 4-Foot No Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit is ready to install on any vehicle that lacks a sufficient metal area for antenna grounding. The need for a No Ground Plane NGP antenna is on the rise with many of today's cars, trucks, RVs, and boats being constructed from fiberglass, carbon, and other lightweight composites.

Don't risk high standing wave ratios and extremely low radio performance. Or worse yet run the risk of blowing the final transistor on your high end CB radio!

Traditional antennas just aren't able to generate the needed RF energy on vehicles that have little or no metal available. Everhardt's NGP14 combines a four foot tiger antenna that is field tunable for 26-30 MHz frequencies and N.O.A.A. Weather channel ready, with a highly versatile 3-way mounting bracket, and matched 18 foot coax cable that is terminated with a PL-259 connector.

If your CB radio is capable of tuning in N.O.A.A. frequencies, you'll be able to receive weather alerts and updates as they happen in addition to keeping in touch over the road!

Everhardt Tiger antennas have been built Texas tough for more than 30 years and are genuinely and proudly made in America!

Four foot Everhardt Tiger fiberglass antenna available in Black (NGP1-B) or White (NGP1) mast colors.

Mounting bracket
3-way mounting bracket is one of most versatile mounts on the market. Capable of horizontal, vertical, or flat surface antenna mounting.

18 foot tuned RG58A/U coax cable with PL259 connector

Product features

  • Fiberglass "Tiger" four foot antenna
  • Exclusive "Super Tuner" matching system for peak antenna performance
  • No ground plane specifically for vehicles that lack metallic antenna reflective surface
  • 25 watt maximum power rating
  • 3-Way Mount
  • N.O.A.A. Weather Bands
  • 18 foot tuned RG58A/U coax with PL259 terminator
  • Black (NGP1-B) or White (NGP1)
  • Made in U.S.A.

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