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AR10 - Firestik Static Eliminator/Lightning Arrestor


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The FireStik AR10 Static Eliminator protects your expensive CB, Scanner, and amateur radio equipment from atmospheric static. The AR10 Lightning Arrester and Static Eliminator is compatible with any antenna system where electrical charge needs to be bled off. Easy to install in line between Coax cable and antenna the FireStik AR10 is inexpensive insurance that protects your circuits. For best base station performance connect the AR10 to a copper ground rod with 10 gauge or larger copper wire. For mobile radios connection to ground using a copper wire is recommended. Avoid the shock of lost comms gear and install a FireStik static eliminator on your antenna before the next storm strikes.

Product Features:

  • For Mobile or Base Operation
  • Easy to Install
  • Offers Low Resistance Path to Ground from Atmospheric Static and Electrical Charge



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