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CGA - Firestik Coax Grommets

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FireStik CGA Coax Grommets are an elegant solution to an ugly problem. Who wants to deal with trouble shooting a damaged coaxial cable? Has your CB radio performance dropped off? But your radio has been working great for months or years? How much time did you waste on your last "defective radio" only to find out that that insulation on the coax was worn through creating the ultimate low ground?

CGA coax grommets are cheap insurance and easy to install when running coax through auto bodies or other sharp surfaces that tear up the cable. Just put two CGA grommets at every point along your cable run that is prone to being cut. One grommet can be used to immediately protect the coax and a second spare stands ready to take over if the first gets damaged. No coax reprocessing necessary.

A 3/8 installation hole is required for use of the CGA coax grommets, but you'll agree it's worth the effort now, instead of replacing your coax later.

FireStik CGA coax installation grommets protect your CB coax from sharp metal edges, preventing shorts, and damaged cables. CGA grommets are excellent to use with any RG58 or RG59 coaxial cable application.

Product Features

  • Package of 4 (2 each for RG58 and RG59)
  • Protects Cable Vinyl from Sharp Edges
  • Requires 3/8" Hole
  • Recommend Doubling up for Easy Replacement of Future Damaged Grommet

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