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CP259 - Firestik Special Co-Phase PL259 Connector

Firestik, Firestik
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The FireStik Antenna Company strikes again! The FireStik CP259 Special Co-phase PL-259 Connector is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who wishes to build high quality co-phase coaxial cable.

In the past obtaining a clean professionally finished dual antenna coax required purchasing a processed cable. Of course these cables have molded PL259 connectors making cable routing difficult to say the least. What if you needed a custom length or cable configuration? Finding 9 foot or even eighteen foot co-phase antenna cable isn't difficult, but what if you need something else? Say 22.5 feet? How about a 6 foot of coax run that ties into 14 feet? You would be forced to fabricate your own custom configured co-phase coaxial cable.

Thanks to FireStik's CP259 Special Co-phase PL-259 Connector repairing or building custom co-phase coax cable that looks professional and has high power output, transmits/receives, and has the lowest possible SWR for your radio is easy!

There is no need to put up with a slop co-phase harness. The CP259 connector has two holes for inserting each piece of coax. Just apply solder through the side access holes on the connector and use regular soldering techniques to finish the tip. It's that easy to make a professional co-phase cable with the FireStik co-phase PL259 connector!

The FireStik co-phase PL259 is only the coax connector, no RG59 CB coax is included, and it must be purchased separately.

Product features

  • CP-259 co-phase 2-in-1 coax connector
  • Easy soldering access ports
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA

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