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K11 - Firestik Heavy Duty Magnet Mount

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The FireStik K11 Heavy Duty Magnet mount is the ultimate solution for CB radio antennas that are meant to be deployed on a temporary or emergency basis. The K11 magnet is also ideal for use when installing a permanent antenna is not a viable option. If you have a rental or lease vehicle that you need to return in as new condition the K11 mount will not mar your vehicle finish. The K11 is high performance antenna mount that sticks hard to metal surfaces and can used with any antenna or accessory that is threaded to accept 3/8x24 screw on attachments.

The FireStik K11 mag-mount is touted as the strongest single magnet antenna mount available today's on the market. The K11 ceramic magnet measures just shy of 5 inches in diameter and the magnetic field is concentrated with a steel cup design. Easy to remove when necessary but sticks strong when in use the K11 is a no fail antenna mag mount.

A trouble free professional grade coax cable is included with the K11. The Fire-Flex coax provides for simple trouble free installation. A full 18 feet of Fire-Flex RG58A/U coax with Fire-Ring connector on the antenna side of the cable and a molded PL-259 no hassle terminator for the Citizens band radio. The K11 doesn't require solder or fitting of connectors. Just deploy the magnet on the roof, trunk, or cowl of your vehicle screw on the antenna of your choice and run the coax to the SO239 connector on your CB radio. You'll be on the air in no time!

The FireStik Antenna Company recommends keeping the antenna length to four feet or less with the K11 and adding a medium duty antenna shock spring to protect your antenna. The K11 mount allows you to select the antenna that is best suited to your individual radio needs. Don't neglect to fine tune your CB antenna for best performance.

The FireStik K11 heavy duty magnet mount is perfect for the 3 foot Firestik and the 4 foot Firefly antennas and accessories that are threaded to 3/8x24 industry standard.

18 feet (5.5 m) of premium Fire-Flex coax with Fire-ring antenna connector and molded PL-259 terminator.

Product features

  • 4.9 inch Mylar antenna base
  • Ceramic magnet w/ heavy steel cup for superior holding power
  • Mylar disk protects vehicle finish
  • 18 feet (5.5 m) professional quality Fire-Flex cable including Fire-Ring connector on mount
  • Molded PL259 at the radio end of coax cable
  • One year warranty

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