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MU9R18 - Firestik 18 Foot Dual Coax Cable

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FireStik MU9R18 18-Foot 3-Piece EZ-Install co-phase harness makes short work of connecting dual antennas to any CB radio.

Designed to achieve the maximum potential of your antenna, the FireStik MU9R18 can pull the best performance possible from your radio.

The FireStik Antenna Company has kept up with customer demand. You wanted a simpler way to route co-phase cables through firewalls and cabs. Thanks to the FireStik Y connector and mini-UHF connectors both ends of the FireStik MU9R18 coax cable can be routed through a 7/16 inch diameter hole. No need to drill a monster ¾ inch hole to route a PL-259 connector through a vehicle firewall. Simply attach both antenna cables to the Y-connector after routing the cables to desired location and plug it into the back of your CB radio.

No coax processing, no soldering, no tools, and best of all no mess. Slick, simple, and innovative! Qualities that have made the FireStik ® Antenna Company number one in the industry!

Whether you're install a dual antenna setup in your semi-truck, pickup, or RV a FireStik MUR918 dual coax will enhance your CB radio and let you enjoy the open road!

FireRing terminators require the use of antenna mounts with FireStik K-4R stud mounts.

Product features

  • Dual 18 foot RG59A/U coax with FireRing connectors
  • Stranded center conductor to maximize flexibility
  • 95 % Shielding to protect against RF leaks and interference
  • Polyvinyl center insulation for ruggedness and longevity
  • Performance that exceeds mil-spec requirements for 75 ohm RG-59A/U coax
  • Use of Mini UHF Connectors Allows for a Smaller Installation Hole (7/16") Instead of the Old 3/4"
  • Antenna Bracket Stud Mounts have to be Changed to K4R because the Bolt Needs to be Longer (1.25" instead of 1")
  • Still made in America!
  • One year warranty

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