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FJCBRADIOKIT - FJ Cruiser CB Radio Kit

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We have taken the work out of finding the right products for your FJ Cruiser by providing this kit at CB World!

Below, we have outlined different CB radio, antenna, and mount options for your FJ Cruiser. In addition to that information, please keep the following in mind:

  • The Bandi mount (by itself) does not include the cable and stud.
  • We highly reccommend a spring for your antenna, but it is optional.
  • If you select a radio without a built-in SWR meter for antenna tuning, we recommend that you get a SWR meter, such as the AUSWR.  This is very important!  
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FJ Cruiser CB Radio

The FJ Cruiser has a little more room in the cab than most newer vehicles. You still may want to keep the space taken up by a CB radio to a minimum, so we have included options for radios ranging from compact to full featured. Keep in mind that no matter the size of the radio, the output power will remain the same 4 watts that all CBs are allowed by the FCC.

Cobra® 75 WX ST

  • Includes weather Channels
  • All-in-Handset design makes this our most compact CB Radio
  • Instant emergency channels

Uniden PRO520XL

  • Compact radio takes up little space
  • Basic feature set, easy to operate
  • Optional PA speaker jack

Uniden BC880

  • Mid sized radio
  • Packed full of features
  • Modern design

Cobra® 29 LX

  • Larger radio with more features
  • Includes Weather Channels
  • Illuminated face


  • Great features including Bluetooth
  • Includes Weather Channels
  • Bluetooth connects to Cell Phone Voice & Caller ID


  • Camouflage Skin
  • Similar to the C29LX
  • LED Screen


  • Cobra® iRadio App Integration
  • Report live police speed traps and road hazards
  • Hands-Free phone calls

FJ Cruiser CB Antenna

As with all CB radio antennas, the antenna for your FJ Cruiser should be as tall as you can accommodate on your vehicle without becoming dangerous or impractical. A taller CB antenna will mean longer range and better reception. We recommend at least a 4 foot antenna with the Bandi Mount.

Firestik FS II

  • Heavier antenna
  • Tuneable tip
  • Several color options
  • Stiff antenna, not extremely flexible

Firestik Firefly

  • Lighter antenna
  • Tuneable tip
  • Several color options
  • Similar to the FS II but more flexible

Wilson Flex

  • Lighter antenna
  • Tuneable tip
  • Black only
  • More flexible CB antenna

FJ Cruiser Antennna Mount

This kit includes the Bandi mount, a custom CB antenna mount specifically for FJ Cruisers. The Bandi Mount installs over the existing hinge on the hatch door with no drilling or modifications required.


FJ Cruiser Coax

We recommend the HS818TN-NIP Coax.  

The HS818TN-NIP 18 Foot Weatherproof Terminator Cable Kit is a complete 18 foot coax cable solution for CB antenna wiring. The low profile heavy duty connectors are perfect for use with any standard 3/8x24 antenna, springs, or quick disconnects.

ProComm's patented Terminator connector offers worry free weatherproof connectivity to your mount and antenna. 18 feet of high quality RG58 cable with an NIP-UHF allows for easy coax routing where ever you choose to install your radio. No need to drill unsightly, hard to waterproof 3/8 inch holes in your firewall just to get a molded PL259 connector routed from antenna to radio.

Take the easy road to CB radio antenna installation. While others struggle with installing their coax you'll be done. Do it with ProComm's HS818TN-NIP weatherproof Terminator cable kit and enjoy hassle free coaxial installation. You won't regret taking the easy road.

Product features

  • Procomm HS818TN-NIP
  • Low-Profile Heavy Duty Surface Mount Kit
  • Heavy Duty Roof or Flat Surface Mount
  • Dual O-Ring Waterproof Design
  • Uses ProComm's Patented Terminator Connector
  • High Quality RG58 Cable with Nipple Connector
  • NIP-UHF Adapter Included
  • Accepts Standard 3/8 x 24 Antennas
8900APCBA - FJ Cruiser Bandi Antenna Mount
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HS818TN-NIP - ProComm Weatherproof CB Antenna Cable Kit
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