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CB World's Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs – We receive lots of requests for information. These are among the most common that are asked on a daily basis. If you don’t find an answer to your question be sure to send us your question on our contact us page.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We apologize- we do not currently ship internationally.

Q: My Safari Web Browser is unable to view my shopping cart. What can I do to complete my order?

A: The latest version of Safari’s browser security may not be compatible with many eCommerce applications. The best solution is to use a different browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Q: Do you repair CB radios and offer installation services?

A: We apologize- we do not perform any radio repair work or after market modifications nor do we currently offer installation services.

Q: Do you have a printed catalog you can send via mail?

A: We apologize, we no longer offer a printed catalog. All of are products are available on our website.

Q: Do you have a shop that I can come shop at? And where are you located?

A: We do not currently have a location to accept walk-in customers. Please shop around on our CB World website! Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Our office and our warehouse is located in Oregon, about a hour south of Portland, Oregon.

Q: I’m having trouble tuning the SWR on my CB antenna. What do you suggest?

A: Be sure to review our complete guide to antenna tuning. The most common SWR tuning issue is having coax in a coil. This will always give a false reading on your meter and is the first thing to check. Be sure to loop your extra coax in figure eight style pattern, about a foot in length, and loosely bound in the center- it should look like a ling skinny eight.

Q: I’m looking for a hood/fender mount for my 2014 Ford F150. Which antenna mount fits my truck?

A: The AUF4-L CB antenna mount for Ford trucks is the correct mount for your vehicle.

Q: How come certain products cannot ship USPS post office carrier?

A: Certain items are considered oversize and can only ship via UPS. This is especially true with our longer CB Radio antennas. Be sure to check the product notes when ordering so your order will not experience delay. Please be sure to include a street address when purchasing these items, otherwise there will be a delay in shipping your order.

Q: I want to have a radio installed in my vehicle- do you perform installations and onsite service?

A: No, we do not do currently offer any repair work or installation. We are an internet only store with a shipping warehouse based in Oregon.

Q: I want to place my order over the phone because it’s safer. How do I accomplish this?

A: We do not accept orders via telephone. We use a secure order credit card processor for your protection that encrypts your all of your information. CB World does NOT store your sensitive credit card information.

Q: What is a PEAK and Tune Upgrade for CB radios?

A: A peak and tune includes our expert technicians testing your new radio, tuning modulation and power so that the radio sounds as good as possible. We won't increase the power beyond the modulation capabilities. Typically, the radio will sound two-times better than a non peak & tuned unit. Our peak and tuned radios are warranty protected.

Q: Do you install Digital Echo Boards or other modifications in CB radios?

A: No, we do not install any aftermarket accessories inside the CB radios that we sell.

Q: What’s the best CB radio I can buy for talking the furthest and loudest?

A: All CB radios are limited to 4 watts max output by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). So having a radio properly peaked and tune will make it sound as good as possible. The antenna system which includes antenna, mount, and coax will make all of the difference in your CB radio experience. In general, the taller/longer the antenna you are able to use, the better your reception will be. A proper tuned antenna (setting the standing wave ratio) SWR is critical to good performance. Be sure to visit our help center for information on selecting the Best CB Radio and tuning your antenna.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Please visit our policy page for complete information on our return policies and shipping information.

Q: I want to return an item. What is the process?

A: How to setup a return is covered on our policies page which includes a link to the order section of our website. If you’ve created an account with us, this is a very quick and easy process. If not, you can refer to your copy of the original order that was emailed to you for additional information or use the contact us page to get your Return Material Authorization (RMA) started.

Q: How do I find my tracking number for my order?

A: We send out tracking numbers the evening of the business day after your order has shipped. This is provided by the carrier using an automated system. Occasionally, our tracking information is not updated in a timely fashion. If you have not received an email with your tracking number and it has been more than three business days, send us a message on our contact us form, or refer to your order invoice for additional information. Remember we are in the Pacific Time Zone and ship weekdays during business hours.

Q: I just sent you an email or submitted a contact form request. How come I haven’t received a response yet?

A: Our customers are important to us we will respond to your email during normal business hours within the next business day. Please be aware that we are in the Pacific Time Zone. If your email was sent after business hours, or on a weekend or holiday, there may be a delay in responding to your inquiry.

Q: I need a CB antenna for my RV. What can you recommend?

A: You’ll want to be sure and select a no ground plane antenna. These radio antennas have a special coaxial cable designed to work with vehicles that have a limited reflection surface. Be sure to read our help center article “ What is CB antenna ground plane?” for complete information.

Q: If I install a CB antenna on my vehicle, what distance is needed between this antenna and the am/fm antenna?

A: For best performance, mounting the CB antenna as high as possible on your vehicle is normally recommended. You’ll want at least two feet of separation between the CB and AM/FM antenna to ensure that you won’t experience interference. Be sure to refer to our “ How to install a CB antenna” guide for excellent information on hassle free CB antenna installation.

Q: What length of antenna should be used for each install location?

A: The fender mount antenna location will require having about 1/3 of the antenna extending above the roof in order to get good performance from your CB radio. Be sure to measure to get an idea for the best length of antenna for your vehicle. For example, if a three foot tall antenna achieves the 1/3 above roof line, you could use this size. As a general rule, the taller your antenna, the better it will perform for you.

Q: I’m interested in a ham radio so I can talk to folks hundreds of miles away during the end times. I’ve heard that a CB radio is actually better. What do you recommend for an emergency radio?

A: We’ve put together a great guide to survival communications for emergency preparedness in our Help Center. Ham and CB radio are akin to apples and oranges and operate on different frequencies that cannot talk to each. You’ll need to base your choice on your needs and what the other party has for communications radio.

Q: I have a Cobra 29 CB radio and the meter indicates I’m receiving a signal, but all I can hear is static. What could the problem be?

A: This is a common issue for any CB radio that has RF gain control. Be sure to check that the RF gain on your radio is not turned completely down. Rotate the RF gain knob completely clockwise or turned all the way up. You should then be receiving proper audio. Be sure to refer to our guide “ What is RF Gain and what does RF Gain do on a CB Radio?” for a complete explanation on this radio feature.

Q: How come certain products cannot ship USPS post office carrier?

A: Certain items are considered oversize and can only ship via certain carriers. Please be sure to include a street address when purchasing these items, otherwise there might be a delay in shipping your order.

Q: Do I need a license to operate a 10 Meter/Ham radio?

A: Yes, a license is required by the FCC to transmit with a 10 Meter/Ham radio. To find a class near you please click - here.