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KW7-O - Firestik "Original" 7 Foot 5/8 Wave CB Antenna In Neon Orange

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The original cut-to-tune FireStik KW custom blended, fiberglass reinforced shaft antenna is a 27 MHz antenna and is N.O.A.A. weather channel ready.2 foot antenna is 5/8 wave rated for 100 watts3 foot antenna is 5/8 wave rated for 300 watts4 foot antenna is 5/8 wave rated for 400 watts5 foot antenna is 5/8 wave rated for 500 watts6 foot antenna is 5/8 wave rated for 600 watts7 foot antenna is 5/8 wave rated for 700 wattsStandard 3/8x24 threaded ferrule100% American MadeTuning the KW CB antenna is required for properly setting the SWR of your CB radio. Don't neglect this important task. Be sure to use a quality SWR meter for best results.   We offer an online You Tube video with basic instruction on How to Tune a CB Antenna like the KWX.Essentially, if your SWR readings show that you need to shorten the antenna, you remove the antenna cap, and cut back the plastic coating on the tip of the antenna to slightly expose the copper wound wire.  You will trim the wire, maybe 1/8" at a time, put the cap back on, and recalibrate/recheck your SWR readings until you achieve the desired result.  If your SWR readings show that you need to lengthen the antenna, you could add a spring or possibly switch to a longer section of coax cable.  In any case, be sure to properly store any excess coax in a figure 8. This is very important.Firestik does offer their easy tune tuning tip antennas, the Firestik II antennas (check out the FSX), but they only go up to 5 feet in length.

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I bought these 7 footers to put on my pickup, I received them within 4 days of ordering and they look better than in the picture. I have springs on them so they have no problem when on the freeway. If you use them without springs they may start cracking at the base. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and will defiantly be ordering again from this company
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