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DX47HP - Galaxy 100 Watt 10 Meter Amateur Ham Mobile Radio

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DX47HP 10 Meter high power mobile radio with multi-color backlight allows choice of seven different colors! The included selectable face colors include: white, dark blue, light blue, green, amber, pink or red.

The DX47HP is a powerful radio that offers up to 100 watts peak power, while drawing a maximum 14 amps of current. The variable power output allows the radio operator to dial in the right power level to avoid transmission interference on 10 meter radio frequencies.

A Large 3 scale Galaxy meter visually displays SWR, power output, and single strength while using the Galaxy DX47HP, making it easy to read out information for your RS report during a phone contact.

A high power radio always has the chance of overheating, especially during extended rag chew sessions. The DX47HP has an internal cooling fan that improves radio performance while significantly lowering the chance of overheating during extended use. The Bottom mounted heat sink dissipates heat more efficiently that heatsinks found on other 10 meter radio designs.

If you frequently swap out antennas the high SWR alert circuit protects transistors from damage due to antenna problems, such an improperly set standing wave ratio. Be sure to review CB World's complete guide to antenna tuning for details on how to accomplish this important task for your radio setup.

The ability to mount a mobile two-way radio is made easier if the radio has key features. The DX47HP has a front microphone jack that allows for ease of mounting the radio in and under dashboards and other tight spaces. No need to fabricate a right-angle mic connector in order to setup your radio. A universal mounting bracket with all the hardware is including with the DX47HP, so you can mount the radio your way.

The DX47HP has other features that amateur radio operators appreciate since they make it easier to use the radio on a frequent basis. Roger beep signals automatic end of transmission notification, making it easier to avoid doubling up during peak times on popular frequencies. Echo, talkback, and noise blanker all are handy features to have at your fingertips and they're standard issue on the Galaxy DX47HP 10 meter radio.

Galaxy radios are well known in the business for the exceptional quality and long life. In fact Galaxy is so confident in their products that they handle all warranty claims directly! Once you've purchased your Galaxy radio if you experience any problems you'll need to contact Galaxy radios for all warranty claims and repairs. The DX47HP has a three year warranty. No joke.

Product features

  • 100 Watts Peak Power/ 40 Watt Carrier
  • 14 Amps Maximum Current Usage
  • Bottom Mounted Heat Sink
  • Internal Cooling Fan
  • AM/FM/PA Modes (No SSB)
  • Seven Selectable Backlight Colors: white, dark blue, light blue, green, amber, pink or red.
  • Echo with Dual Controls
  • Galaxy Meter with 3 Scales
  • Front Mic Jack
  • +10KHz Circuit
  • Blue Channel Digits
  • Variable Dimmer Control Pot
  • Modulation Lamp with On/Off Switch
  • Automatic SWR Circuit
  • High SWR Alert LED
  • Talkback Circuit with On/Off Switch
  • Roger Beep Circuit
  • Variable Power Output Pot
  • Three Year Warranty

What's included in the box:

  • DX47HP 10 Meter Radio
  • Power cord
  • Mount and hardware
  • 4 Pin Microphone
  • Owner's manual
  • Looking for a replacement power cord? Checkout the PCDX48T.

10 Meter Radios are not CB Radios.

There are some big differences between 10 meter and CB.

Find out more about 10 Meter radios here!

Legal transmission on 10 meter radio band requires an Amateur radio license issued by the Federal Communication Commission. Be sure you're legal and aware of amateur radio operating policies in your area.



Please Note: An amateur radio operator's license issued by the Federal Communications Commission is required for legal transmission on 10 Meter Radios.

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