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HandheldCBRadioKit - Handheld CB Radio Kit

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If you are looking for handheld CB radio kit, look no further. This CB kit includes everything you need to get up and running at a minimal cost. At the same time, we are not skimping on quality. The radios and antennas in this kit are good quality.

CB Radio

This radio option has been selected because it is high quality, compact, and cost effective. It  does not include the extra features found on more expensive CB radio models. It will output the same 4 watts as any other CB radio.  


CB Antenna  

The extended range antenna telescopes out to 27 inches which will give you a much greater range than the short, stubbie antenna that comes with the radio.  

If you want to use this cost effective radio in your vehicle, you will need to select the KVAD1X adapter and an external antenna such as the JBC112-2400 Magnetic Mount Antenna.   Make sure your vehicle is metal if selecting a magnetic mount!   If you decide to get an external antenna, you will need to calibrate and tune your antenna. Since you are trying to save yourself some $$$, ask one of your friends with a CB if you can borrow their SWR meter.   If not, get yourself the AUSWR external meter.

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CB Radio Size:

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