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Hood Fender Antenna Mounts at CB World


Hood and Fender Antenna Mounts

Hood and Fender Antenna Mounts are one of the most popular methods to mount an antenna on a vehicle. You'll find a huge selection here at CB World! Hood/Fender mounts are typically made to utilize the vehicle hood channel and existing bolts to give a clean installation look, similar to most AM/FM antennas. You'll see that we offer lots of stainless steel mounts because we love that they won't rust on you!

As you can imagine, it is very difficult to keep up with vehicle manufacturers and their vehicle model changes. Every year, we need to test current mounts on newer vehicles to see if they still fit. We do our best to keep our website updated with the newest information. If you aren't sure if one of our mounts will fit on your vehicle, first, look at your hood channel and look at the mount picture to see if the mount design seems like it would match your vehicle. This is also important if you have a limited edition or special edition vehicle that might be different from the standard model. If you are not sure, please contact us and we can help to determine if it might fit your particular vehicle/application. You are welcome to contact us to get additional measurements to ensure that the mount should fit.

We have driver's side antenna mounts (left), passenger side antenna mounts (right), vehicle specific antenna mounts, NMO fender mounts, angled antenna mounts for vans, hood/fender antenna mount kits (with coax), swivel fender mounts, and more.

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