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RQM - Hustler Magnet Mount CB Antenna

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The Hustler RQM Magnet Mount CB Antenna is a sharp looking antenna that is finished in all black featuring a tapered whip with matching spring. The ABS black housing holds an exceptionally strong magnet to keep the Hustler RQM in place even at highway speeds. No antenna flop with the RQM magnet mount CB antenna!

The Hustler RQM is the perfect magnet mount CB antenna solution for you if you are having problems with your antenna tipping over frequently. A super strong 3.25 inch plastic-coated magnet is designed to prevent scratches on automotive finish. The 3.25 inch shock spring that sits atop the coil provides just the right amount of stiffness to protect the antenna, but also keeps the stainless steel whip securely in position.

The Hustler RQM sports a 42" black whip which brings the overall height of this antenna to 4 feet. 15 feet of matching coax terminated in a PL259 connector is completely ready to attach to your CB radio. The Hustler RQM CB antenna is black from top to bottom.

Be sure to mount the Hustler RQM antenna as high as possible on your car or truck in order to achieve the best possible performance with your two-way mobile radio!

27 MHz

Compatible with all CB radios

Antenna anti-shock spring is factory installed

15 feet of high quality RG58 coaxial cable terminated with a standard PL-259 connector

Tune your antenna
The Hustler RQM magnet mount CB antenna will require field tuning after minor assembly. Setting the correct SWR for your antenna and radio combination is easy if you follow CB World complete antenna tuning guide.

Product features

  • 17-7 ph stainless steel whip
  • 500 watts
  • Easy to tune
  • 1/4 wave design
  • High impact plastic housing
  • Powder coated whip, adapter, and spring
  • For all 27 MHz CB radios
  • 50 ohms impedance
  • 3.25 inch Magnetic mount
  • 3.25 inch shock resistant impact spring
  • 15 feet of RG58 coax with PL259 connector
  • 43 inches tall
  • Detailed Instructions & Allen wrench are included

Additional Info

Looks great, was easy to tune and I never have to worry about it flipping off the roof of my truck. Pleased.
I haven’t used it yet but it looks like a very good antenna and I hope it performs very well. I’ve been out of the Citizen radio for a while now so I’ll re-write a review once I have used it.
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