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SSM1 - Hustler Professional Antenna Ball Mount And Spring

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Hustler's Stainless Steel SSM-1 Professional Ball Mount and stainless steel spring is the go to CB antenna mount when installing the tallest whip antennas. A perfect mount for the ever popular 102 inch stainless whip CB antenna, the SSM-1 also works great for 5 foot fiberglass antennas. If the antenna you're installing is tall or heavy the Professional ball and spring combo mount from Hustler Antennas will keep it vertical!

Hustler stainless steel balls mount are a versatile mount that attaches to any flat surface and allows you to rotate the ball so that your antenna is vertical, no matter the angle of the mounting surface. You will need access to the opposite site of the mounting surface to tighten the mounting bolts and attach your CB coax.

For superior CB radio performance a taller antenna is better, make sure to use a heavy duty, high quality antenna mount with the tallest antennas install a Hustler SSM-1 professional for exceptional performance!


Hustler's SSM-1 is a sturdy mount that can support any of our 3/8 x 24 threaded antennas, even the big 102 inch whips. For shorter or lighter antennas, you can save some money and go with this economical CB antenna ball mount.


A CB coax with lug connectors (hoop connectors) is recommended for use with the SSM-1 mount.

Product Features

  • 3 1/2" Diameter Base (Black Base)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Exceptional performance and quality
  • 180 degree adjustable reinforced stainless ball
  • Professional quality Cycolac bases for greatest mechanical stability
  • Exclusive "C" backup plate allows external installation
  • Supplied with all mounting hardware and the cork pad
  • Suitable for use with all Hustler and other 3/8" x 24 threaded antennas
  • Dimensions between installation holes- from center to center of holes is 2 1/4"

Please Note: Must be fully tightened when installed. There are no teeth inside to keep it in place.

Additional Info

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1.00 in

Instructions (SSM1-2-Instructions.pdf, 739 Kb) [Download]

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