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JBC112-XX00 - ProComm Kwik Tune Magnet Mount CB Antenna (select length)

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The ProComm Kwik Tune Magnet Mount Antenna is a professional grade two-way communications product. ProComm Kwik tune antennas are especially designed to deliver low standing wave ratios and superior performance with your radio equipment. Pre-tuned at the factory for CB radio frequencies the stainless steel whip Kwik tune is a base loaded antenna that is ring tunable allowing the end user to dial in the lowest possible SWR.  Can also be tuned for 10 meter.

A strong chrome plated dome magnet ensures the Kwik tune antenna will ride high even against the strongest winds unleashed from Mother Nature. Be sure to attach the Kwik tune magnet only to flat metal surfaces on your vehicle.

The ultra-convenience of a pre-tuned, magnet mount from ProComm, the JBC112 family of mag mount antenna kits is ready out of the package to handle your CB radio communications needs. A generous 12 feet of RG58 coax cable with installed PL259 connector provides for tool-less install of the ProComm JBC112 Kwik tune.


The Kwik tune magnet mount includes your choice of a ProComm 2, 3, or 4 foot Kwik Tune CB antenna. Pretuned to 27 MHz CB radio frequencies (can also be tuned for 10 meter) and rated for 25 watts peak power the Kwik tune antenna is field tunable no need to trim (cut) the antenna shaft.

Mounting bracket

Heavy duty chrome plated magnet mount included - threaded to standard 3/8 x 24


12 foot high quality low loss RG58 coax with molded PL259 connector

Product Features

  • Loaded ring-tunable CB antenna with stainless steel whip
  • Factory tuned and field adjustable
  • 12 feet RG58 coaxial cable with PL259
  • Patented Chrome Dome Termination with 3/8 x 24 threaded base
  • 3" heavy Duty Chrome plated Magnet Mount with a protective base

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