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JOHNNY III - President CB Radio

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12-24 Volt Deluxe CB Radio

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New from President Radios the Johnny III is sure to please anyone who runs their radio installed in heavy equipment. The Johnny III has the unique ability to operate on either 12 or 24 volt systems.

Compatible CB Radio

The President Johnny III features 3 color panel, VOX, weather reception, and adjustable RF gain.

Johnny III Features

The Johnny III CB includes the most in demand features in a two mobile radio. A selectable 3 color front panel allows for a choice of orange, green, or blue colors. A Large easy to read LCD display shows up for clear status of your radios functions. The VOX voice activation feature provides for hands free use. Roger beep, weather alert, signal meter, rotary channel selector, and a choice of manual or automatic squelch control put you in control of this radio!

But there is more, Auto noise limit, hi-cut filters, RF gain complete the feature set of the Johnny III CB radio. The front mount microphone makes for ease of installation in even the most cramped vehicle cabs. And an external speaker jack allows the addition of extra audio power so you won't miss out on the conversation!

Product Features

  • 40 CB Channels with Channel Indicator/Large LCD display for easy readability
  • 12 or 24 Volt compatible CB radio
  • Three color front panel orange, green, or blue
  • Roger Beep
  • Key lock
  • Weather
  • RF/Signal Strength meter indicates the power output/strength of receiving signals
  • Front Panel Mic connector maximizes space and allows for ease of installation in a variety of vehicles
  • ANL/Hi cut filters suppress ignition noise & external electrical interference
  • Squelch Control eliminates background noise
  • CB/PA switch for using a Public Address speaker
  • Instant Channel 9/19 Switch
  • Full 4 Watts AM RF Full Legal Power Output
  • Channel Up/Down Buttons on Microphone
  • *Five Year Manufacturer Warranty - 2 Year Standard Radio Warranty +3 Year Warranty Extension if radio bought with a President Antenna
  • Radio Dimensions:
    • 125 (W) x 150 (D) x 45 (H) in mm
    • 4.92 (W) x 5.90 (D) x 1.77 (H) in inches
  • Please note that this radio does not have a built-in SWR meter. You will need an external SWR meter (like the AUSWR) in order to tune your antenna system for optimal performance. See our Help Center's article How to Tune a CB Antenna for additional information.

What's included in the box

  • President Johnny III CB Radio
  • Microphone
  • Mounting C Bracket and Thumb Screws
  • Microphone Bracket and Hardware
  • Power Cord
  • Owner's Manual (see PDF in Attachments Tab)

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Additional Info

1.00 in
6.00 in

Johnny III Owner's Manual (Manual_President_Johnny_III_USA_ENG.pdf, 1,256 Kb) [Download]

Nice radio, like the features. The ASC is great. Would like for the on/off and squelch button to be larger. Overall I like this radio.
I am really enjoying this radio. The automatic squelch is phenomenal. Good color choices, though I don't care for blue lights. The blue is brightest, then the red, and green is the dimmest, which I like at night. In full sun, I can't really detect any color, but the large LCDs are easy to read.

The radio is very good for eliminating noise. It doesn't have the audio power of my big vintage radios, but is plenty adequate for my pickup. A noisy big rig might need an extension speaker near the driver's left ear. Weather radio has somewhat less volume, but is also adequate, and is getting good reception with a little US made K30 magnet mount.

Reception intelligibility is excellent, and better than any modern Cobra junk.

I don't use any of the fancy button features except for weather radio and color change, which are simple procedures.

The mic is tiny, which bugged me at first, but now I like it. It is smooth and lightweight, and feels and appears of the highest quality. The channel buttons on the mic have a splendid feel, and I like to change the channel with them. They did an old school imitation on the clicky channel knob, but nothing feels like a vintage knob. Nonetheless, it is a very good simulation of the vintage feel.

I had a small location available, and it was one of these or a Uniden 520. Almost twice the money, but I am glad I got the Johnny III, not only for the weather, but because static and noise is handled so well.

It doesn't quite have that heavy durable feel of the old radios, but is packed with nifty features, logical and intuitive controls, easy to read screen, good filtering, and a good looking businesslike appearance. The Uniden 505 is cheap, but doesn't have the features I need, and may have been as noisy as a 510 or 520. This is a nice radio. I am glad I spent the extra money.
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