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LED Light Bars at CB World


Light up the night with these LED Light Bars!

Our LED light bars are popular with Jeep enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. They make your vehicle stand out with their super bright LED lights that are practically indestructible!  Durable and efficient, these light bars can accent your vehicle, be useful for off-roading adventures, and increase safety and visibility.

They come is various sizes, making installation easier for your particular mounting location preference such as your grill, bumper, or rack.   

Legal requirments vary by state so be sure to check with your DMV or DOT to ensure you stay out of trouble!

$81.24 $64.99
Race Sport, Height-1: 5, Length-1: 8, 00814843028387, Weight-G: 3, Width-1: 8, Race Sport
RS6L18WPR - Bottom Mount LED Spot Lights
In stock

$49.99 $39.99
Metra, Height-1: 3, Length-1: 9, 086429298488, Weight-G: 1.5, Width-1: 7, Metra
HESLWH2 - Heise 30" Wiring Harness

$43.86 $35.09
Race Sport, Height-1: 3, Length-1: 3, 00812867027560, Weight-G: 2, Width-1: 3, Race Sport
RS7RH4LEDW - 7" Diamond Cut H4 Conversion Lends
In stock

$40.13 $32.10
Metra, Height-1: 3, Length-1: 9, 086429298495, Weight-G: 0.8, Width-1: 7, Metra
HESLWH1 - Heise 22" Wiring Harness
In stock

$30.86 $24.69
Race Sport, Height-1: 4, Length-1: 13, 00811712020312, Weight-G: 0.8, Width-1: 11, Race Sport
RSLED20BEDW - 20" LED Truck Bed Light Strip
In stock

$24.99 $19.99
Metra, Height-1: 4, Length-1: 8, 08642931310, Weight-G: 0.8, Width-1: 5, Metra
HEDLC7 - Heise 7" Single Replacement Lens Cover
In stock

$21.55 $17.24
METRA, Height-1: 2, Length-1: 7, Weight-G: 0.8, Width-1: 6, METRA
HERMBK - Metra Lightbar Mounting Brackets And Hardware
In stock