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Maxrad and PCTEL Antennas at CB World


Maxrad / PCTEL Antennas:

PCTEL Antennas designs and manufactures excellent mobile antennas and base station antennas. They have base loaded unity and gain antennas, magnetic mount antennas, glass mount antennas, dual band antennas, cellular antennas, and much more!

Please visit our Help Center for guidance in selecting the best equipment for your application.

Remember: CB Antennas need to be tuned to their application.  This is VERY important!  Tuning your antenna will help to optimize your antenna system performance and help to ensure that you won't potentially damage your CB radio.  Here are some links to our Help Center to assist you with this:

How to Tune a CB Antenna

What is SWR?

Troubleshooting High SWR

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$12.78 $10.22
Maxrad, Height-1: 3, Length-1: 9, Weight-G: 0.2, Width-1: 7, Maxrad
MHBL118 - Maxrad 118-940Mhz 200W Uni-Gain Stud Mount Antenna
In stock

$12.78 $10.22
Maxrad, Height-1: 3, Length-1: 26, Weight-G: 1, Width-1: 7, Maxrad
MUR8043 - Maxrad 806-896Mhz 3Db Replacement Rod (Chrome)
In stock

$12.14 $9.71
Maxrad, Height-1: 2, Length-1: 24, Weight-G: 1, Width-1: 2, Maxrad
MLW24 - Maxrad 24" X .062 Diameter Nontapered Replacement Whip Antenna
In stock

$11.66 $9.33
Maxrad, Height-1: 2, Length-1: 2, Weight-G: 2, Width-1: 1, Maxrad
MUF19000 - Maxrad 1.9-2.0 Ghz Unity 1/4 Wave (Chrome)
In stock

$11.08 $8.86
Maxrad, Height-1: 7, Length-1: 1, Weight-G: 0.05, Width-1: 2, Maxrad
MAT4500 - Maxrad 450-460 Mhz1 /4 Wave Replacement Rod