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MATH - Maxrad 49" Chrome Whip Antenna

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MATH 49-Inch Replacement Whip for PCTEL Maxrad Antennas. The MATH 49-inch stainless steel whip is utilized as the antenna mast form many PCTEL Maxrad base loaded antennas.

The MATH replacement whip is heavy-duty tapered rod for maximum durability in harsh environments. The 17-7 PH stainless steel whip is tapered and .100 inch in diameter.

Maxrad Quarterwave lowband antennas are popular with many public service agencies and are well known for their reliability. As with any mobile radio antenna they not invincible and the whips have been known to break and bend under extreme circumstances.

The MATH replacement whip is compatible with antenna coils from Maxrad that are designed for NMO mounting solutions and 1-1/8 inch-18 thread mounts, including 3/4 inch mounts.

Available in chrome finish

27-31 MHz

30-35 MHz

34-40 MHz

40-47 MHz

45-48 MHz

47-50 MHz

144-174 MHz

The MATH 49-inch replacement stainless steel whip is compatible with Maxrad Mosaic series antennas.

Tune your Antenna
Anytime you replace components for your two-way radio antenna, re-tuning of the antenna will be required. For complete information on how to tune your CB antenna be sure to visit CB World's help center.

Power handling
200 watt rating

Product features

Replacement rod for the following Maxrad antennas:

  • MHB5800
  • MHB5802
  • MHB5820
  • MHB5825
  • MHBDC5800
  • MLB2700
  • MLB3000
  • MLB3400
  • MLB4000
  • MLB4700
  • MLB6600
  • MLBDC2700
  • MLBDC3000
  • MLBDC3700
  • MLBDC4000
  • MLBDC4500
  • MLBDC4700
  • MLBDC5000
  • MMC150
  • MMC200
  • MMCL150
  • MMCL200
  • MWBDC2700
  • MWBDC3000
  • MWBDC3400
  • MWBDC4000
  • MWBDC4000
  • MWBDC4400
  • MWBDC4700
  • 17-7 PH Stainless Steel
  • .100 diameter tapered whip
  • ¼ wave, ½ wave, 5/8 wave antennas
  • Unity gain
  • Motorola style mount mounts
  • 200 watt power rating

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