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MS - Maxrad Chrome Antenna Spring

Maxrad, Maxrad
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PCTEL Maxrad MS chrome springs are designed specifically for Maxrad NMO antennas such as the MLB2700 CB antenna and MHB5800 VHF antenna. The MS bright chrome antenna spring is suitable for use with many other base loaded coil antennas.

Protect your Maxrad CB or 10/12 meter antenna from the unintended consequences that often result from a shocking impact with low hanging vegetation or garage entrances. Why risk snapping the whip off of your PCTEL Maxrad new Motorola style antenna? Or worse destroying the antenna mount and risking damage to the vehicle's body?

The Maxrad MS chrome spring is easy to install, it fits between the antenna coil and whip. The MS chrome spring fastens to the coil with a secure set screw. The antenna whip is held in the spring with two additional set screws. Simple, secure, peace of mind for Maxrad antennas.

The Maxrad MS antenna spring is a compact 3 ¼ inches tall and 7/8 inches wide at the base. Set screws and wrenches to tighten them are included in the package.

CB World's help center offers a complete guide to choosing the right CB antenna spring for your antenna if you're not sure that this accessory if necessary for your installation.

Product features

  • Chrome antenna spring
  • Designed for Maxrad NMO antennas
  • Measures 3 ¼ inches tall x 7/8 inches wide at base
  • Includes installation wrenches & set screws

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