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MCKINLEY-T - President Deluxe AM/SSB CB Radio (Peaked & Tuned)

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Peaked & Tuned by CB World's Expert Technicians:  Peaked and Tuned

This 40 channel deluxe 12-24 volt din size AM/SSB CB radio with selectable (orange, green or blue) back-lit 3-color front panel & 7 weather channels with alert is sure to impress you.

Features manual and auto squelch, multi-function LCD display, RF/Mic gain, VOX hands free, scan, emergency channels, Dual Watch, Dim, ANL/NB & Hi-cut filters, channel & memory scans, 3 memory channels, Roger Beep, Key Beep, instant Channel 9/19, Talk-back, built-in SWR circuit (automatic SWR-beep sound), digital S-meter, front mount microphone, front panel loudspeaker, rear external speaker & PA jacks. Powered with a 12 volt or 24 volt battery.

In the box:

Radio Bracket
Power Cord
Mic Clip/Hardware
Side Knobs
Owner's Manual


Looking for a power supply?  The MCKINLEY power cord has a 6 amp 250 volt fuse.  We recommend the PS12 power supply. 

(6.69" (W) x 5.91" (D) x 2.05" (H))


Supply : 13.8 V / 27.6 V
Number of channels : 40 Cx (100% FCC)
AM : X
Channel selector : rotary
Number of weather channels : 7 Cx
Weather alert : X
Volume : Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
RF Power : X
Squelch : Manual squelch
Display : LCD multifonction
Frequencies display : X
S-meter : Digital
Public address : X
Talkback : X
Vox : X
Tone : X
Filter ANL : X
Filter NB : X
Filter HI-CUT : X
RF-Gain : X
Mike-Gain : X
Clarifier : X
Scan : X
Memorie(s) : 3
Dimmer : X
F / Menu function key : X
Beep Function : X
Roger beep : X
Dual watch : X
Key locking : X
SWR (Power Reading /SWR) : X
Preset channel : 9 / 19
Front loudspeaker : X
microphone plug : front (6 pins)
External Vox microphone jack : X
External loudspeaker jack : X
Size (W x D x H) : 6.69 (W) x 5.91 (D) x 2.05 (H) inches / 170 x 150 x 52 mm
DIN Size : X
Weight : 2.20 lbs / 1 kg

Installation Notes:

How to tune your antenna using the MCKINLEY radio-

ADJUSTMENT OF SWR (Standing Wave Ratio):

WARNING: This should be completed when you use your CB radio for the first time (and whenever you re-position your antenna). The adjustment must be carried out in an obstacle-free area. In CB mode only. **There is no dot between the 2 digits of SWR value, for example 25 means 2.5. NEW, EASY AND VERY HANDY- Adjustment of SWR meter by beep tones. Here is a link for the MCKINLEY owner's manual.

Perform on channel 1 and 40.

Push the CH knob (6) six times to enter the SWR function. 

Display shows a message with active channel and SWR during 2 seconds, for example {CH40 SWR}. 

The radio goes to TX mode automatically without pressing PTT key (13) and starts SWR measurement. Measurement time is 5 minutes maximum. The remaining time is displayed on sub indicator. 

Adjust your antenna. 

Tone beep* is continuous when SWR value is equal to 10** (SWR=1.0). The space between two beeps became longer when SWR value moves away from 10** (SWR=1.0). 

Volume Beep is adjustable with VOL knob (1). 

Display shows the SWR value. For example 25** (SWR=2.5). 

When adjusted, press the CH knob (6) to activate the next function (TONE). 

Press PTT switch (13) to exit FUNCTIONS mode. *Please check that the beep volume is set to a comfortable listening level. 

The goal is to achieve similar SWR readings on channel 1 and channel 40 that are within an acceptable SWR range (under 2).  

  1. The lower the reading, the better your CB radio will perform. By having the SWR readings match on channel 1 and 40, your radio will perform well on any of the channels within the 40 channel bandwidth. If they do not match, adjusting the antenna is advised.

  2. IMPORTANT: If the meter reading indicates HIGH SWR readings, DO NOT transmit with the CB. You could potentially damage your radio.

If the reading on channel 1 is higher than the reading on channel 40, your antenna system is too short and you need to lengthen your antenna system.  For example: If the SWR meter reading on channel 1 is 2.6 and the reading on channel 40 is 1.3, your antenna is too short. Possible solutions include adding a spring or quick disconnect, raising the antenna, getting a longer coax (and just make sure to store any excess coax in a figure eight style, about a foot in length, and loosely bound in the center), or re-positioning the antenna.

Alternatively, if the reading on channel 40 is higher than channel 1, your antenna system is too long and you need to shorten your antenna system.  For example: If the SWR meter reading on channel 1 is 1.2 and the reading on channel 40 is 2.3, you'll need to shorten the antenna to get better efficiency. You can do that by turning the tuning tip or the adjusting ring, or you can take the antenna mast out and trim it about 1/8 inch, and place it back firmly against the coil. Remember, it's easier to cut a little more off the antenna than to have to add some length (remember the barber who cut your hair too short?).

Looking for replacement parts?

  • Microphone
  • Side Knobs
  • Power Cord - see the AUCB91 or AUCB91P - please note that the MCKINLEY has a 6 amp fuse in the power cord so you would need to remove the 5 amp fuse in the AUCB91/P and replace it with a 6 amp fuse.

Potential Rebate Available - See our CB World Rebate Page




Additional Info

4.00 in
11.00 in

President McKinley Radio Owner's Manual (President_McKinley_SSB_CB_Radio.pdf, 1,907 Kb) [Download]

This SSB CB works great. I'm a General Class Radio operator so 10 miles means nothing really. I have this in my Tundra with the ICOM 7100 HF rig with a duplexer running into a Tuner then out a whip antenna. This radio has really good ears and does what I want it to. keep me current on road conditions within a 5 to 10 mile radius. I grew up with CB radio in the 70s as a teen. The freq has changed since then, the truck drivers are a bit more rude and don't respond to 4 wheelers. but the basic use hasn't. SSB is for running skip although we are at the bottom of the solar cycle openings do happen. All in all this is is a wonderful rig for what it does. 73..
I have been using the radio about 3 months now and need to ledge a review. It just keeps getting better as I’ve learned it’s extensive capabilities and upgraded antennas. Last night I used a 4 ft Firestick II antenna and made very solid contact at about 13 miles. Contact on a base asked “what king of radio are you using you are really making the trip” I told him it was the President McKinley P & T’ed from CB World. He said you need to email them or something man and let them know what s fine job they did! So I’m letting you know. Tip, not necessary but I added a K-PO NM532 Mic that is an excellent match up!
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