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NMO150K - Larsen 144-174 MHz NMO Antenna And Mounting Kit (Chrome Whip)

Larson, Larson
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The NMO150 144- 174 MHz NMO antenna and mounting kit is manufactured by Larsen antennas. Larsen is a leading global supplier of antenna solutions.

The 5/8 wave tapered whip antenna provides excellent signal gain and is flexible enough to resist breakage in the field. A 17 foot RG58A/U coax cable provides the length necessary to reach any mobile antenna mount to radio runs while being flexible for routing through vehicle firewalls or headliners. The unprocessed PL259 adapter requires user soldering for a complete installation.

The NMO150 is the antenna style of choice and in use by a wide range of public and private agencies that rely on two-way communications for daily operations. Amateur, military, and public safety organizations as well as a wide range of industries utilize the 144 to 174 MHz bandwidths. The 5/8 wave NMO150 antenna requires a suitable ground plane.

The NMO150 antenna and mounting kit offers a complete solution when your radio needs depend upon on a premium Motorola style antenna. Reliable, waterproof, and clear communications are among the qualities offered and delivered with NMO antennas. In demand by leading professionals the NMO150 antenna kit can satisfy the most astute radio user.

Larsen LM150B 5/8 wave, black coil and field tunable black whip for LM mounts. For two-way radio communications in the 144 - 174 MHz frequency ranges. The NMO150 is rated at 200 watts peak power. The antenna whip in the NMO150 is W490B, .100 tapered with a maximum height of 51 ½ inches for stable performance. Tuning your LMO150B with an SWR meter is best to ensure that the antenna is properly tuned.

Mounting bracket
A mounting bracket with ¾ inch mounting hole may be required for use in your antenna installation. The NMO150 mounting kit is designed for roof or trunk lid standard mounting.

17 feet of low noise RG-58A/U Coaxial cable with an unprocessed PL259 connector is included to allow easy installation and cable routing of the NMO150 kit.

Product Features
  • Gain, 3dBd/5.2dBi
  • Base loaded type, 5/8 wave antenna
  • VSWR, 1.5:1 or less
  • Bandwidth at 1.5, 3%
  • Bandwidth at 2.0, 6%
  • Power rating, 200 watts
  • Connector, PL259
  • Whip, W 490 B, .100 tapered
  • Coax, 17' RG-58A/U
  • Max height, 51 1/2"

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