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No Ground Plane (NGP) Coax


Does your application lack a metal surface? 

It is very important to select the appropriate coax for your system and vehicle. If your application lacks a ground plane then we suggest a NGP antenna system!

Having NGP coax is essential if you have a NGP antenna!

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$49.81 $39.85
Firestik, Width-1: 7, Weight-1: 0.5, Length-1: 9, Height-1: 3, Firestik
K8NGP - Firestik No Ground Plane Coax Cable
In stock

$21.01 $16.81
Everhardt, Width-1: 11, Weight-1: 0.8, Length-1: 13, Height-1: 4, Everhardt
NGPC1 - Everhardt Replacement Cable For NGP1 Antenna Kit
In stock