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PA Public Address Speakers at CB World


Be Loud.

PA horns give you the ability to communicate with those outside your vehicle! This can be extremely useful for short range communication. Be heard, check out our vast selection of PA horns.

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$170.96 $136.77
Speco, Height-1: 4, Length-1: 13, 030519291569, Weight-G: 2.12, Width-1: 11, Speco
PAT20 - Speco Mobile PA Amplifier With Microphone 20 Watt 12V
In stock

$592.25 $473.80
Speco, Height-1: 4, Length-1: 13, 030519271301, Weight-G: 4, Width-1: 11, Speco
PBM30 - Speco Public Address PA Amplifier
In stock

$82.25 $65.80
Speco, Height-1: 6, Length-1: 9, 030519180153, Weight-G: 2.5, Width-1: 9, Speco
SPC15 - Speco 8" Round Aluminum PA Public Address Speaker Horn
In stock

$217.88 $174.30
Speco, Height-1: 7, Length-1: 7, Weight-G: 2, Width-1: 7, Speco
SPC40RT - Speco 6.25" x 11" PA Public Address Speaker Horn 70 Volt
In stock