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PL259CP - Shakespeare Center Pin Gold-Plated Coax Connector

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The Award winning easy to install Shakespeare Centerpinà ‚ ® Gold-Plated connector is a great way to install Pl-259 connectors onto RG-8/X or RG-58/AU coaxial cable.

Designed for marine VHF radio use the Shakespeare Centerpin ® PL-259CP connector is gold plated to provide the utmost in acoustic contact between the coax and RF connector. The biggest advantage of the Shakespeare Centerpin ® PL-259CP is the solderless compression connector no soldering is required to fit the connector onto the cable. A perfect, solid connection is possible every time! Did we mention the Centerpinà ‚ ® PL-259CP is super easy to use?!

In the old days if you wanted to money, you built your own coax cables. This required skill. You had to be able to strip the insulation off of the coax without nicking the braid or conductor. And then you had to be able to make a good solder joint or you cable wouldn't work! If you've ever ruined a piece of coax or rendered a PL-259 connector unusable then you know what it's like to have suffered through this process.

Shakespeare's gold plated Centerpin ® PL-259CP is a painless way to install connectors onto any RG-8/X or RG-58/AU coax. There is no way to botch a connector install. And best of all you won't burn your fingertips on a hot solder iron!

Shakespeare Centerpin ® PL-259CP connectors work great, easy to use, and produces rock solid connections every time!

Shakespeare Centerpin ® PL-259-CP Gold-Plated connector easy install instructions:

How it Works

  • Cut the cable flush
  • Push the coax into Shakespeare's innovative new Centerpin ® PL-259 connector
  • Squeeze the piercing fingers into the braid with pliers and thread the cover over the fingers. Done!

NO stripping and shaping insulation
NO soldering
NO heat
NO tinning the braid
...and the job's all done in no time!

Product features

  • Gold plated Shakepeare Centerpin ® PL-259 CP
  • No shaping or stripping insulation
  • No heat required
  • No risk of damaging wire braid
  • Only tool required for installation is a standard pair of pliers
  • Perfect cable termination every time!

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