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PL8XX - Procomm RG8X Low Loss Coax Cable With PL259 And Ring Terminal (select length)

, 9'
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ProComm CB antenna cable is proudly made in the USA. The high quality RG8X cable comes in lengths from 6 feet to 20 feet. The color of the cable is grey or black, depending on our current stock.

The CB coax cable RG8X is furnished complete with PL259 and ring terminals allowing for standard radio to antenna connections commonly used by all radio and antenna mount manufacturers.

ProComm proudly offers quality 100% tested at the factory hi-performance 50 Ohm coax cable for all single antenna installs or longer jump cables. For a light weight and flexible coax, Mini-8 offers performance that is difficult to match for CB, Ham, 10 meter, and other two-way or one-way radio applications.

We recommend selecing 18 feet of coax for CB applications even if you don't think that you need that much.  Before starting the antenna tuning process, be sure to properly store any excess coax in a figure 8, about one foot in length, and bound in the middle.  

Product Features:

  • MINI 8
  • Bare copper stranded center conductor
  • High quality soldered PL259 at one end, ring terminals at the other
  • 95% bare copper braid
  • Foam dielectric
  • Hand soldered connections
  • 100% Tested
  • Made in America

Additional Info

2.00 in
2.00 in
No doubt good cable. But thicker than some, might get squeezed on fender mount, definitely on mine (probably too much but will switch to a thinner coax Fir Ring once this is squeezed out) and lugs don't give enough play for connection without ground being at an extreme angle. I'd like this cable to drop a couple bucks, supply the connectors, and deliver the + and - exposed for a few inches.
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