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PAT12GPK - ProComm Ground Plane Kit for Base Station Antennas Patriot And Proton

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This ground plane kit is compatible with the Patriot and Proton99 base station antennas. The PAT12GPK may improve your base station amateur radio performance up to 30 percent depending on the circumstances of your application. Make sure that you have adequate transmission reflective surface for your base station radio.

The four 45 inch fiberglass radials are secured to an aluminum mounting hub providing a strong yet light weight base designed to support base station antennas such as the ProComm Patriot or Proton CB antennas.

Install the ProComm ground plane kit at the base of your base station antenna and experience the full power of your CB, 10 meter, 12 meter, or other amateur radio transmissions as you were meant to hear them.

This is the ground plane kit ONLY- the ProComm Patriot antennas available separately.

Product Features

  • 30% possible improvement in performance
  • Four 45 inch fiberglass radials with an aluminum mounting hub
  • Patriot or Proton install on top of this ground plane kit

Don't risk damage to your radio's circuitry- make sure that you tune your antenna for best SWR which means better performance.


1)  What is the thread size of the radial holes going into the collar?

Standard 3/8" x 24 thread


2)  What size mast fits the collar (inside hole diameter)?

The inside dimension is 1-1/8 inches (it mics at 1.15 so slightly over 1-1/8 inches)


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