301RWB - ProComm Patriotic 3' CB Antenna

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Procomm standard fiberglass antennas in patriotic red, white, and blue colors- perfect for the 4th of July, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day. 

Procomm Patriotic CB antennas are top loaded ¼ wavehelically wound with 20 gauge copper wire. Factory tuned and field adjustable for achieving excellent standing wave!

Product Features


11 meter 27 MHz CB radio frequencies


3/8x24 threaded antenna 


3 or 4 foot fiberglass whip - 4 foot is 401RWB


Springs are an optional accessory for the Firestik II antenna. We recommend one in most cases. They can

protect your antenna if you hit a low hanging branch or garage entrance. A medium spring like the SS3M is recommended for 2-3 foot  antennas. A heavy spring like the SS3H is recommended for 4-5 foot antennas.


18 foot RG58 or RG8X coax is recommend for peak performance of the Procomm antennas.

Tune your Antenna

All CB radio antennas need to be tuned. This antenna is no different. 

Power handling

750 watts

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