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Product Recommendation: Emergency Communication

Don't Wait. Stay Safe. Be Prepared.

Communication Equipment Could Save Your Life!

Be Prepared for a Disaster

Common Misconception: "If a disaster strikes, I can just use my cell phone to contact emergency services and my loved ones. I don't need any other communication option."

Truth: If communication towers and infrastructure are damaged or destroyed, your cellphone will likely not be able to connect with emergency services and/or your loved ones. CB radio systems don't rely on towers or other infrastructure to communicate with others.

Every year, we are contacted by families and businesses who have experienced a disaster or emergency and found themselves unprepared, out of communication, and vulnerable. We hope to educate people about the importance of being prepared and how CB Radios can literally be a life saver.

As we saw with Puerto Rico in 2017, when hit by Hurricane Maria, communication infrastructure had been destroyed and people across the island were stranded without means of communicating with emergency services. Having your own communication system, such as a CB system, that's independent of infrastructure like telephone lines, cell towers, broadcast radio, and TV, is critical during such an event.

CB radio systems can provide essential communication between families and Emergency Responders.

Here is a link to an article in our Help Center that talks about different types of disasters and survival communication.

A basic CB system consists of a CB Radio, CB Antenna, Antenna Mount, and Coax and are fairly inexpensive to acquire (you can get a basic CB system for less than $100 depending on the options/features you want). There are handheld CB systems, mobile CB systems for your vehicle, and/or base station units (to be used in your home or a building).

Keep this in mind:
The longer the antenna, the MORE range you will get.

If the CB you select does not include an SWR meter, you will also want to get yourself an external SWR meter, like the AUSWR, in order to tune your antenna.

Tuning your antenna is VERY important! Many people don't realize that tuning the antenna optimizes the performance of an antenna system and ensures that your radio won't be damaged by operating with high SWR readings. If you have ever gotten yourself a CB system and started using it without tuning your antenna, you might've experienced
VERY poor performance and/or limited range.
In an emergency situation, communication range is important so don't miss this step.

Tuning a CB antenna isn't as difficult as it might sound. It is simply lengthening or shortening your antenna to the ideal length and ensuring that it is properly installed. There are many great antennas that offer easy tuning options such as tuning tips or tuning rings. This allows you to lengthen or shorten your antenna easily to attain the ideal SWR readings.

Another reason why CB radio systems are so essential during a disaster is because Channel 9 is scanned by police and other emergency services to receive emergency communications regarding accidents, medical issues, and other emergencies from citizens like yourself. Many CB radios also include NOAA weather so that you can get important and critical weather updates and information. Read more in our Help Center!

To make things a bit easier for you, we have some product recommendations - we selected products that are easy to set up and install so that you can communicate quickly in an emergency situation. We have also included some other useful communication products such as Two-Way Radios, Police Scanners, VHF Marine Radios, & Weather/Hazard Radios.

Don't wait. Stay Safe. Be Prepared.

We can help you.


Top CB Radio Recommendation:

Midland Handheld CB Radio with Weather Monitoring

Product Number: 75822
The 75-822 is quickly and easily convertible between handheld and mobile (vehicle) radio configurations which is why this radio is our top choice. You will be able to monitor NOAA weather channels, instantly access CB emergency communication Channels 9 and 19, and easily read information with the large screen display. The 75-822 is very user friendly.

Power is supplied by six AA alkaline, eight AA NiCad batteries, and/or 12V DC (cigarette lighter plug).

If you want the option of using this radio in your vehicle, you will need an external antenna, such as this convenient magnet mount antenna with coax, the JBC112-4800. Easy to Tune 4' Magnetic Mount Antenna. Also comes in other lengths. Easy to throw on a vehicle, tune it up, and then it is ready to use.

When using this radio as a handheld radio, we recommend the SA2 antenna for extended range.

Other CB Radio Options (lots more on our website!):

BearTracker885 (CB Radio & Scanner!)

Antenna Options:
Firestik II Series Antennas- These standard thread antennas come in several different lengths and colors and offer the easy tuning option, the tuning tip. Compatible with standard thread antenna mounts.

Procomm JBC Series Antennas- These antennas come in different lengths and make tuning easy with tuning rings. Compatible with standard thread antenna mounts.

Weather/Hazard Radios:

WR120B Weather & Hazard Alert Radio

ER200 Crank Radio

HH54VP Weather Alert Radio

Police Scanners & Marine Radios:


Marine Radios

And GMRS Radios

SWR Meter:

Using this meter will ensure that your system is optimized for vehicle use and will reduce the potential to damage your radio.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding product selection or advice. We want to help you be prepared for an emergency.

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