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RMRPHASER 3 - Rocky Mountain Radar Passive Radar Scrambler

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Passive Radar Scrambler Disables X, K & Ka Bands. Transmits Special Laser Beam That Confuses Radar Laser Detection Units Providing Protection From Front Only. Features On/Off Switch, Built In Diagnostics, 2-3 Mile Range And Compact Design (1.4" X 2.5" X 3.3"). Does Not Provide Alert Warnings That Radar Or Laser Is In Use.

I have been using every one y’all have ever come out with for years and they were very very well I would definitely appreciate it if you would inform me when they do get in there outstanding they work very very well thank you so much for having this product I would definitely pay for good protection I do wish you would have a longer card in it where it would shoot out the back thank you very very much
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