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RTG27L - Hustler Gutter Mount CB Antenna

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The Hustler RTG-27L Gutter Mount CB Antenna offers a no-drill install that mounts securely to any size, shape, or angle of vehicle rain gutter. Gutter mounted the RTG-27L Hustler antenna offers the advantages of a roof mounted CB antenna, in an easily installed package.

The RTG-27L is famous for its easy tuning characteristics and for the kind of performance you would expect from a much larger antenna. "High efficiency" performance through optimized design gives Hustler antennas lowest SWR, excellent bandwidth, and high radial energy.

With a unique antenna mount constructed from special marine quality brass that has been chrome plated, you are assured that the Hustler RTG-27L will last for years of reliable service. A swivel ball insures proper vertical positioning of the antenna by allowing a full 180 rotation matching any roof angle.

The compact Hustler RTG-27L is only 25 inches tall so overhead clearance is never a concern. The included 12 feet of coax is high quality RG58/U and manufactured to rigid Mil-spec standards. Complete with factory soldered PL259 connector for ease of install to antenna jack on your radio.

The Hustler RTG27L comes ready for easy installation and operation.

25 inch center load 17-7 ph stainless steel whip

Mounting bracket
Chrome plated gutter mount bracket w/ swivel ball adjustment and electro-polished stainless steel impact spring

RG58/U 12 foot cable meets mil-spec standards and verified for 52 Ohm performance and minimal noise terminated with factory soldered PL259 connector

Product features

  • Center load 25 inch tall 17-7 ph stainless steel whip CB antenna
  • Special marine quality chrome plated brass gutter mount
  • Electro-polished stainless steel impact spring
  • Swivel ball ensures correct vertical position of antenna mast
  • 12 feet of RG58/U coax cable w/ factory soldered PL259 termination
  • 26 - 30 MHz frequency range
  • 100 watt power rating

Additional Info

1.00 in
1.00 in
Rock bottom SWRs, if you drill a hole and use a long bolt. I have received many compliments on my signal.
I have a number of nos rain gutter antennas, best performing antennas ever. SWR around 1.0. Have talked skip many times. Hustler is the best.
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