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This CB radio kit was put together to give motor-home owners a quick and simple solution for a CB radio in their RV. There are basically two components for an RV CB system; the radio and the antenna kit. The configuration wizard above will guide you through the selections. You may click on the question mark and details' links for more information on each component, and as always, please contact us with any questions.

RV CB Radio

We have selected CB radios that have been popular with our RV customers. Some RV customers like the idea of having a smaller radio while others want a full-size radio with all the options. Keep in mind that, regardless of size, all CB radios have a power output of 4 watts as allowed by the FCC. If you like the idea of having a CB radio that you can use in your RV as well as outside the vehicle as a handheld CB radio, the Midland 75822 is the radio we would recommend for you! If you select a radio without a built-in SWR meter, you will need an external SWR meter (you can select one in the accessories tab) to tune your antenna. Tuning your antenna is VERY important. Find out more in our Help Center: How to Tune a CB Antenna

  • Cobra® 29 LX
    • Includes weather channels
    • Larger radio with more features
    • Instant emergency channel switch
    • Various models available with different features or styles such as Bluetooth and Camo
  • Cobra® 75WXST
    • Incldes weather channels
    • More compact radio
    • Instant emergency channel switch
  • Midland 75-822
    • Includes weather channels
    • More compact radio
    • Instant emergency channel switch
    • Doubles as hand held CB radio

RV CB Antenna Kit

We have several NGP (No Ground Plane) antenna kits designed for use on RVs.

Window Kits, 3-Way Mount Kits (for mirrors, ladders, etc.), and Side Mount Kits

We typically recommend Firestik Antennas because their products are made in the USA and they have exceptional customer service. The main points to keep in mind when choosing your antenna kit is where you are mounting the antenna (window, ladder, side, etc.) and how high the top of the antenna can be above the RV considering height restrictions.

If you decide to mount the antenna on the side of your RV (which typically would mean that you are drilling holes), we recommend that you check out the motor-home extension bolt kit, the EVEXB.

If you are running the CB antenna all the way to the back of the RV and need to extend the coax that comes in the kit, we recommend that you use the PP8XX coax with the KPL258X connector.

Always remember to tune your CB antenna!

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