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SATURN - Twinpoint 39" Low Profile Base CB or 10 Meter Antenna

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SATURN 39 Inch 1/2 Wave Low Profile Base Antenna. The SATURN (AKA Workman Signal-mate model B-100) low profile base station CB antenna is shorter than our other base antennas. The Saturn is ideal for installing on apartment balconies or in other situations where a large base station will not work.

A true low profile antenna for base station radio use that still packs plenty of punch the Saturn 39 inch. A no ground plane needed design that stands only 36 inches above the base mount, provides the lowest possible wind resistance to stay upright longer. Fully weatherproof so you won't need to worry about retracting your Saturn 39 inch low profile base antenna due to inclement weather. Listen, monitor, and talk as long as desired over the 11 meter (26-30 MHz) AM band.

In order to tune this antenna, you might need to try different lengths of coax to either lengthen or shorten the antenna system based on the SWR readings you get on your upper and lower frequencies.

Tune the Saturn base antenna for lowest VSWR and best performance with in-field accuracy using your Standing Wave Ratio meter. The B-100 gives excellent performance in a small package, in fact it out performs other larger base station antennas. With power handling rated to 500 watts Peak Envelope Power the Saturn base station antenna can handle any CB or Single-side band radio transmissions.

If your HOA won't allow for base station antennas because they are too tall and too ugly, take a hard look at the Saturn 39 inch low profile base antenna. Its compact power will surprise you and remain stealthy to the neighbors.

26-30 MHz

SO329 connector easily connects to high grade coaxial cable equipped with PL259 terminator

18 feet or longer coax cable with PL259 is recommended for use with the Saturn 39 Inch Low Profile Base Antenna

Tune your antenna
Tuning the Saturn low profile antenna is easily accomplish with a SWR meter and CB World's guide to how to tune your CB antenna.

Power handling
500 Watts PEP

Product features

  • Power Handling- 500 Watts PEP
  • Frequency Range 26-30 MHz
  • Works for Base, Boat or Truck
  • Low Wind Resistance
  • Fully Weather Proof
  • SO-239 (PL259) Socket
  • No Ground Plane Needed
  • 36 Inches Long
  • Tunable for Low VSWR
  • Also Known as Workman B100
  • One year warranty

We recommend a static reduducer/lightning arrestor- check out the AR10

or A28.

Additional Info

4.00 in
1.00 in
Although not as massive as my Maco V 5/8 wave, it still performs way better than I thought it would. I did have issues with the SWR but after moving around the coax, it did go down. Easy to put up, light weight, low profile for my Townhouse restrictions. Go for it.
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