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Speaker Mic


Speaker Microphones:

Speaker microphones are very useful especially in construction, emergency, and manufacturing applications. They include both the speaker and microphone components in the handset. This allows you to talk and listen without needing to grab for your radio. These types of microphones are typically used with radios developed to work with them. The KSPM1 and the 22M11 are some of our top sellers.

$38.31 $30.65
Magnum, Magnum
SM21012 - Magnum Remote Speaker Microphone For Magnum1012/ 75822/ Hh38Wxst
In stock

$48.19 $38.55
Uniden, Uniden
SM81 - Uniden Marine Speaker Microphone (Bulk) Replaces HHSPM
In stock

$65.19 $52.15
TSMIC - Speaker Microphone w/ 2 Prong Jack
In stock